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The Best Places To Enjoy Masquerade Balls Worldwide

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Masquerade balls have always denoted something extravagant and mysterious. They have been a part of celebrations of many cultures and countries, from famous Venetian masquerades just before Ash Wednesday to modern balls under masks that are organized as a part of New Year’s Eve celebration. Partying and having the time of your life while staying hidden behind a mask can be thrilling. Isn’t it everyone’s deep desire to experience this feeling? If you go to Venice or New Orleans at the time of the Carnivals you might just turn your desire into reality.

venetian festival

venetian festival

Visit the great Venetian festival

Venice, Italy is the cradle of masquerade balls which were organized along with an extravagant and festive Carnival which marked a period of wanton and exuberant behavior and partying under masks, just before the Catholic holiday Lent, the time for fasting. The Carnival in Venice is the oldest and most popular masquerade festival in the world. It has been celebrated in Venice since the 15th century so it has a long tradition. It is celebrated even today and it hasn’t lost any of its charm and popularity. In the old days, the masquerade balls were only reserved for aristocrats with their lavish costumes and fine porcelain masks with original peacock feathers, but today, you as a tourist and visitor can become a part of the celebration that has kept its exotic and elegance. So you could say that carnivals and balls under masks were a celebration of life and hedonism at its peak. You can rent a costume and a fine embroidered mask with a lot of intricate details and enjoy the Carnival at the San Marco Piazza where you will feel positively overwhelmed among the crowd of jolly masked visitors and street performers. There will be partying, drinking wearing dresses that look like those worn in Venice in the medieval period and  beautiful handmade masks. Having mysteriously good time on a gondola with anonymous new friends is guaranteed.

venetian festival


New Orleans Carnival also has its charms

New Orleans, a city in the American South, also has a tradition of organizing Carnivals that feature masquerade balls. The elite balls are private and reserved only for special guests, but if you are lucky , you will be able to buy a ticket for one of the balls in the open. They really have a special allure and are similar to Venetian balls because visitors and guests wear special elegant costumes and masks from the old South aristocratic era. A ball that is available only for tourists and visitors who have bought a ticket, which is very rare and hard to find, is the Mardi Grass Ball, which has a long history. It was first organized by the French as a coming out party for the young debutants who were presented to the society for the first time in their finest attire. The ball that is public and available to anyone is the Krewe of Orpheus’s Orpheuscapade Ball. It is organized on the streets of New Orleans where there is a lot of dancing, drinking and partying. A lot of famous musicians play at the ball, so a good party under masks is guaranteed. Do not hesitate and buy your costume online today in preparation for this fabulous masquerade ball.

mardi grass ball

new orleans carnival, mardi gras new orleans, new orleans mardi gras

New Orleans – Mardi Gras

Other masquerades you just have to visit

There are a lot of other choices. For example, there is the famous Grand Masked Ball which is held in France in the royal palace of Versailles and dates back to the era of Louis XIII. If that doesn’t scream high class party, I don’t know what does. It is very extravagant and it features tigers, and a lot of performers that imitate the French court performers of the old days. The grand finale is a spectacular firework. There is also the famous Rudolfina Redoute Ball in the Austrian capital Vienna. It is very elegant and prestigious and it has one interesting tradition. Namely, only women wear masks. It is held in Hofburg Royal Palace and there is a dress code. Men have to wear suits and women have to wear elegant dresses. The Magic Ball in Rio de Janeiro could also be an interesting option. It is a black-tie elegant masquerade ball and it was visited by some famous Hollywood stars like Marylin Monroe and Brigitte Bardot in the past.

So, hopefully you have chosen a masquerade ball that suits you the most. Visit it and you will have the time of your life.

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