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The Pros and Cons of living in Arizona

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The Great Canyon State is located in the southwestern part of the United States. The landscape of Arizona borders four states, including California, Utah, Mexico, and Nevada.

Arizona is a state of mountain lands, rivers, and great amusement parks. If you are thinking of living in Arizona or finding a home, you just need to know the pros and cons of living in this state.

So, The pros and cons of living in Arizona are discussed in detail in the given article. Let’s jump in.

Affordable living.Extreme summers.
Low crime rate.Barren landscapes.
An excellent place for outdoor activities.Valley fever.
Vast job opportunities.Venomous plants and animals.
Diverse wildlife.Dust storms.

Pros of living in Arizona

1.   Low cost of living

The living cost of living in this fantastic landscape is affordable. You can buy or rent a house at a very reasonable price. All other facilities for groceries and utilities are readily available at cheaper rates.

Median Home Price$433,943
Median Monthly Rent$1,123
Total Population7.4 million
Median age37
Average Annual Income$63,204
Unemployment Rate3.2%

2.   Tremendous Job Opportunities.

The strong economy of the Grand Canyon offers a large number of job opportunities. The fastest-growing tech and healthcare industries play a crucial role in the state’s economy and provide more job opportunities.

The five Cs: Cotton, Citrus, Cattle, Copper, and Climate, are the backbone of the strong economy of Arizona. The major cities, Phoenix and Tucson, provide a much large number of jobs.

3.   Diverse Wildlife

Many wild animals are present in Arizona. Giant lizards, snakes, insects, and reptiles are everywhere in the region.

These wild species might seem beautiful by appearance but are dangerous and life-threatening.

4.   Home to delicious foods

Being foody, delicious foods might be your weakness. If you are moving to Arizona. Don’t forget to taste the mouth-watering traditional cuisines with Mexican blend.

The famous Tex-Mex foods can be found all over Arizona. These are the mixtures of American and Mexican influences.

5.   Great cultural activities

Arizona is rich in cultural festivals. A Mexican blend and the tribe of America, speaking Apache, Navajo, and many other languages, represent the culture of the canyon state.

The traditional events include the following:

  • Boat Parade of lights
  • Temple Christmas lights
  • Zoolights
  • Winterhaven light festival
  • Luminarias lightning

Moreover, If you are a sports lover, then Arizona is undoubtedly a place for you. You can enjoy all the sports events, including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

6.   Outdoor activities

You can enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and water-centered activities due to the extreme summers.

If you love adventures, Arizona is best for you. A vast number of adventurous places are present. But before starting anything, make sure your car is fueled because no roadside facilities are available.

7.   Warm and Sunny weather

The warm and sunny weather is all we need in the extreme winters. So, Arizona has sunshine throughout the year. Even the temperature goes down to a few Fahrenheit in winters.

People from other states flock to this land during the severe winter conditions to enjoy the summers and sunshine.

8.   Amazing attractions.

There is a significant number of fun things you can do in Arizona. Many attractions, including museums, parks, wineries, art and culture, casinos, and beaches, make it a place worth visiting.

A few beautiful places include the following:

  • Great Canyon National Park.
  • Petrified Forest National Park.
  • Monument Village.
  • Antelope Canyon.
  • Grand Canyon Village.

Cons of living in Arizona

1.   Extreme Hot throughout the year

The weather in Arizona is always too hot. You cannot enjoy all four seasons. Only summers are there for the whole 365 days.

You might often get bored with this same sunny weather, but the temperature rises by three figures in June and July. The winters in Arizona are mild. But, the monsoon season results in heavy floods and storm flashes.

2.   Venomous animals and plants

Arizona is best known for many dangerous wild species. These animals are a pro and cons at the same time.

You will find giant lizards, rattlesnakes, and scorpions in your houses. These are venomous and can even cause death. You must be careful while moving outside and regularly check them in your homes.

Moreover, the plants are also dangerous and poisonous. So, avoid touching any plant in the state.

3.   Lack of public transport

If you are travelling in Arizona or moving out. You must own a car due to significantly less public transport. You cannot walk in the hot summers. So, a vehicle of your own is mandatory in Arizona.

4.   Valley fever

The most common infectious disease is widely spread in Arizona and California due to fungal spores. A large number of Valley fever cases are reported each year.

This disease is curable, and most people get better on their own.

5.   Bad Traffic

You have to face poor traffic where you might have to wait hours to reach your destination. Traffic blockage usually occurs when the snowbirds arrive in Arizona in huge numbers.

Due to the extreme cold and snow in other states of the U.S, people move to enjoy the warmth of Arizona, which results in massive traffic blockage, and even you could hardly find a table in a restaurant due to the vast crowds of tourists.

6.   The Haboobs or Dust Storms.

People of Arizona are familiar with the Haboobs. Due to the barren lands and deserts, you have to face these dust storms more often.

If you a touring Arizona, these must scare you, but the residents are used to these Haboobs and have learned to live with them.

Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona FAQs

1.   Is it worth living in Arizona?

Yes, living in Arizona is worth it. The inexpensive cost of living, healthcare facilities, many tourist attraction spots, and the most crucial factor is Arizona’s strong economy, making it worth living.

2.   What is the downside of living in Arizona?

The downsides of living in Arizona include the extreme summers and dangerous wildlife.


Nothing is perfect. Every good thing has something wrong also. Likewise, Arizona also has some pros and cons. Arizona is a tax-friendly state with vast job opportunities and affordable living.

Furthermore, the high temperatures and wildlife are the cons that can be compensated by the strong economy, making it a worthwhile living place.

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