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The Vegetarian Way: Which Countries Have What They Want and… More?


Different people have their own preferences on what to eat – even while traveling. Some would like to explore while others tend to stick to what they know, but in a whole new different way of cooking.

However, having one’s own preferences could be difficult without research. It would be bad to suddenly turn into a place where you can only find a few things you can actually eat.

One type which fits right into this category are vegetarians, or those who consume more of (or only) dishes cooked using nature’s natural seeds (vegetables, fruits, and root crops), with the exclusion of animal products and seafood.


Vegetables – Image source: Flickr

It’s not really uncommon, but, there is a need for vigilance as you go through an unfamiliar place with this kind of preference. With a number of countries having meat as their primary source, there also rose several countries that are proud of their many delicious vegetable dishes, all of which are rich in nutrients.

The top five among these proud countries include:

1. India

Among the many countries who has large amount of advocates pro vegetarians, India has the most numbers of these people. One can in fact say that it is somehow connected with their culture.

For instance, slaughtering beef is not allowed in India, due to their belief that beef is taboo. In fact, several states in India condemn the slaughtering of cows and the using them as ingredients for their many cuisines.

Though this may be, India make up for it through other delicious dishes of several varieties, mostly those made up of different yet distinct spices.

Indian Spices

Indian Spices – Image source: Flickr

Some of the most famous examples include zucchini halwa, malai kofta, palak paneer, misal (a street food), tofu curry, kati roll, and dosa spring roll.

2. Thailand

With Hindu as a religion to some people, Thailand is one of the best places to start your diet of healthy food when it comes to Asia. However, contrary to popular belief, vegetarianism is not as wild spread.

Vegetarian Phat Sen-Mee

Vegetarian Phat Sen-Mee – Image source: Flickr

Though this may, the country is still brandished and believed to be one of the greatest places to start due to their delicious vegetarian cuisines enjoyed by most Hindu clientele.

Before going to the country itself, it is best to have a bit of self-preparation, if you want to survive with your diet. Saying “Di chan kin chey” (for females) and “Pom kin chey (for men) is one simple way to identify yourself with vegans.

Some of the most popular cuisines include phad thai phak (fried noodles with vegetables), khao phat pak (fried rice with veggies), and som tam (the famous papaya salad).

3. Israel

According to surveys, Israel is one of the few nations with a large growing population turning to vegetarianism. This is evident in the growing demands for vegan dishes in many restaurants at that country.


Tabbouleh – Image source: Flickr

Moreover, Israel has what you call kosher food rules, which stipulates that meat and dairy should be prepared separately. With this rule, being vegetarian while touring the famous landscapes in Israel is fairly easy.

Some of the world’s favorite cuisines, which are deemed to be vegetarian, include falafel, hummus, tabbouleh (which is sometimes considered as a salad), matcha sheet cookies, porcini mushroom brulee and lahoh.

4. United Kingdom

For most people, hearing about United Kingdom and veganism at the same time is kind of odd. However, what most people don’t know is the fact that it is quite easy to find and order vegan food there.

Polenta Fritters

Polenta Fritters – Image source: Flickr

With the rising trend of veganism, restaurants in UK have made available certain dishes for their vegan client, to the delight of many. Such dishes include vegetable biryani, Welsh rarebit, vegetable frittata, and wild mushroom lasagna.

So why don’t you go on a visit to London’s Big Ben or to the Stonehenge in Wiltshire before going on a vegan tour on the country’s selection of restaurants?

5. Egypt

Before actually going on a trip to Egypt, you might have the inkling that vegan dishes would be quiet rare on that area. In some places, this is possible (such as Cairo). However, you might be surprised to know that vegans are catered well in most places in the country.


Kosheri – Image source: Flickr

With several joints offering a taste of homemade dishes out of vegan products, ordering delicious recipes such as foul, falafel, kosheri, tahini (sesame seed paste), mahshi (assorted vegetables with rice), as well as tabbouleh, is as easy as a flick of your hand.

Now you can visit the pyramids without having to worry if there’s something you can eat!

Knowing your options without having a problem-filled vacation will be the perfect getaway a person can get. After all, what’s more amazing than eating the best dishes and seeing the most beautiful sceneries?



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