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5 Favourite Travel Adventures to Try in The Bahamas

Fun Activities and Things To Do At The Bahamas

With 700 stunning islands and 2,000 islets to boast, the Bahamas is a magnificent getaway for travellers looking for a fun-filled Caribbean adventure. Ocean adventures and historic attractions combine in this tropical paradise that is in between the east of West Palm Beach, Florida and northern Caribbean.

Scuba divers, beach lovers, outdoor enthusiast, and tourists who are simply looking for a place to relax will never be disappointed with what the archipelago could offer. With great weather year round, you can visit Bahamas anytime you want and explore it natural wonders.

Fun Activities and Things To Do At The Bahamas

Fun Things To Do At The Bahamas

Cut your long wait for the adventure of your life. We listed the 5 favourite travel adventures to try in Bahamas, and you can check it out for yourself!

1. Sun Bathe or Read a Book at the Beach

Bahamas Vacation - Explore the Finest Beaches

The Beaches of Bahamas
Image Source: Flickr

Get sun-kissed in the stellar beaches of the Bahamas. With more than 2,000 majestic islands, it is not surprising that travellers from all over world would want to sink their feet into its powdery white sands, and in some places, pink sands!

Indulge in the beaches of the Abacos, Exumas, Eleuthera & Harbour Island, Grand Bahama Island, and Long Island.

2. Take a Boat Trip

Boat Tour in the Bahamas

Boat Tour in the Bahamas

You can never go wrong with a boat trip if you want to explore Bahamas. With its crystal clear waters with peeking colourful corals, large schools of fishes, and an array to of tall coconuts in pretty islets, taking a boat tour or a cruise promises a wonderful adventure.

Enjoy the sightings of marinas and other travellers as you traverse the calm seas.

3. Discover the Bahamas Underwater

Scuba diving in Bahamas

Scuba diving in Bahamas

Scuba diving is another popular adventure in the archipelago. Its underwater fauna is one of the richest in the world with underwater caves, forest of corals, and some sunken ships.

Dive in the famous Andros Barrier Reef. Diving in Eleuthera and Harbour Island is also exceptional with top of the line diving technologies. If you are a diving newbie, rest assured that there are PADI-certified diving instructors in the area to assist you with.

4. Explore Nature

You will never run out of activities to enjoy if you are after superb outdoor explorations. There are various ecotours to experience the best of Bahamian biodiversity. Do not miss the sightings of wild animals, exotic birds, and the long list of grandiose fauna its destinations offer.

The Exumas alone has two national parks with one established in 1958. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is the world’s first, and until this day, it is offering delightful sights perfect for the nature lovers.

5. Experience its Romantic Escape

The exotic grandeur of Bahamas make it a memorable destination for couples from around the globe. As the island is perfect romantic getaway, it is also a popular for destination wedding. From sports activities to shopping, there are exciting activities that await in its beautiful cities.

When to Go in Bahamas

As what we mentioned earlier, Bahamas is gifted with great weather all-year long. The travel peak season starts from mid-December to mid-April, when people from cold continents want to have a feel of the sun in a relaxing getaway. If your plan is to have a budget travel in Bahamas, skip these months as airfares are especially high during this season.

Off-peak season starts from May to September. During these months, the best transportation and accommodation deals in the Bahamas are offered so you can make the most of this. However, be reminded that flying during the weekends can add a few more dollars on your airfare.

Planning Your Bahamas Trip

The Bahamas is very accessible by the sea may it be from the Caribbean or from Florida, a reason why it is a very popular cruise destination. There are daily flights from America while there are several per week from the UK, Canada, and some parts of Europe. Planning your Bahamas trip is not that difficult as it is already a primary tourist destination, but, never ever forget to prepare your travel documents and travel insurance if possible.

There are plenty of incredible Bahamas travel packages you can take advantage with to cover your transportation and accommodation in the island. Go online, do a research. It is the easiest way to find out your options for an ultimate Bahamian adventure!

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