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15 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

things traveler should pack

Travel is a lot more enjoyable when you’re 100% prepared. It entails meticulous preparation, especially when it comes to packing. When you’re going off to another place, be it domestically or internationally, you have to ensure that you’re bringing along all that you need.

Don’t fall under the impression that your destination will have everything for you, even if you’re booked at a luxury hotel. Sometimes, the one thing you need most is what they can’t provide, and when that happens, your trip might get ruined.

Avoid this by packing wisely. List down all that you need, especially specific ones that might have something to do with our current condition, and pack them. But to make it a little easier for you, here are 15 things every traveler should pack. Check if you have them with you now.

#1. Extra Clothes

It doesn’t hurt to bring extra clothes along when you’re traveling, more so if they can still fit with your luggage. You never know when you’ll need them as any sort of accident can happen instantly.

Save yourself the embarrassment of having to be in wet and dirty clothes by packing some ready garments in your carry on. Just pop into the bathroom to change and you’re good to go!

#2. A Blanket

When your flight gets a bit too cold, bring along a blanket to warm yourself up. You wouldn’t want to be shivering throughout those long hours, and you might even find yourself having to go to the comfort room more often than you’d like.

And while you can simply turn the direction of the air conditioner away from you, the ones near your seat, on the other hand, you have no control over. Save yourself the trouble and just cover yourself up with a blanket.

#3. Power Bank Charger

Let’s face it, you’re devoted to your phone as it holds a lot of importance for your trip. But what about when it dies out of batter? No need to worry if you brought along your power bank.

This nifty gadget helps you charge anywhere you want, and you don’t have trouble yourself trying to find a socket. Just make sure the power bank itself has enough juice to last your flight up until you reach your accommodation.

#4. Comfy Footwear

If you’re one to go on spontaneous adventures, you’re going to need some comfy footwear. Pack along some flat shoes—sneakers, slip-on, and the like—so that you can move about for as long as you can without feeling pain or discomfort.

In many places around the world, the best mode of transportation is walking, which means these shoes are a must-pack. Furthermore, if you’re going to places which are wetter than usual, it’s best to pack along some flip-flops as well.

#5. Pack of Tissues

This may seem like something your grandmother might do, but they have the right idea. In case of any spillage, accidents, or even a sneeze coming along, a pack of tissues in your carry-on will lessen the damage. Fortunately, they’re usually thin enough fit any bag, usually have more than you need, and are easy to pack.

#6. Snacks

Hunger strikes at any time so you must be ready. Pack along some snacks, preferrable healthy, so you can fill your stomach whenever you need to.

Don’t try to starve yourself on your flights and stuff as this will make you cranky and less energetic for your trip. Bringing along some food doesn’t even have to be that difficult. You don’t have to pack a full meal, but some stomach-fillers which are easy to eat.

#7. Tumbler full of Water

And when hunger strikes, thirst will come running after. Save yourself the time and money of buying bottled water and bring along a tumbler full of H20 instead. Just make sure your container still meets the limits of the TSA rules.

At least with this, you can drink whenever you want without having to hassle a flight attendant whenever you need a drink. And when you’re on your nature adventures, this will save you a lot of times from getting dehydrated in the middle of nowhere.

#8. Mini First Aid Kit

Don’t you just hate it when you get cut or bruised and you don’t know what to do? Well, with a mini first aid kit, you don’t have to worry that much anymore.

Any accident can instantly be addressed if you bring along some bandages, a bottle of travel-friendly iodine, some cotton balls, and any other materials that can heal your bruises. You don’t even have to bring along an entire box as a fanny pack will do.

#9. Sunglasses

It’s a shame if you’re in such a magnificent place but you really can’t enjoy the view because the sun is too bright. But if you have a pair of sunglasses, however, things are a little bit different.

Don’t think that just because it might be cold in your destination that you don’t need sunglasses. Wherever there’s sun, despite the weather, you’re going to need your shades!

#10. Rain Gear

The same way you should be prepared for too much sun, you should also be prepared when there’s too much rain. Pack along your rain coat, boots, and other gear that will help you stay dry even in the wettest climates.

Don’t let the weather ruin your trip. As long as you have your rain gear on, and the rain isn’t too strong that it’s not safe to go about town, then head out and see the world, even when it’s wet!

#11. A Map

Although there’s such a thing as Google Maps nowadays which, arguably, is a lot more accurate and helpful, it doesn’t hurt to bring along a concrete map as well.

You never know what might happen to your phone during your trip, and when it’s suddenly accessible, at least a real map can still tell you where you are. And surely you know that, despite its technological feat, apps like Google Maps aren’t always the most reliable.

#12. Extra Bags

You might think this is unnecessary but it’s really not. An extra bag can be incredibly helpful when you’re shopping for souvenirs or for packing the clothes you’ve used already.

They don’t have to be bulky backpacks. In fact, the best and most travel-friendly ones are the canvas-made totes that you can easily fold and sneak in your luggage.

#13. Swiss Knife

A Swiss knife comes in handy when opening packages or self-defense. Bring one in your carry-on so you’ll feel safe and secure wherever you go. And when there’s something you need to open, it’ll be easier to rip it apart.

#14. Whistle

A whistle can keep and ensure your safety wherever you go, and this isn’t just for girls neither. Imagine you get into an accident when you’re hiking in the mountains.

How will other people know what happened to you? And when a predator gets too close, how can you signal other people to help you out? Make a commotion and grab attention when you need it with the help of a whistle.

#15. Flashlight

All places run out of electricity at some point, even when you’re traveling. Keep a flashlight handy so you’ll still something when the power suddenly goes out at night. This also becomes helpful when you’re camping, which you might do better when you’re traveling.

Don’t let the hassle of packing make you any less excited about your trip. Just ensure that all these essentials and more are in your luggage and bags before you take off and you’re sure to have a stress-free trip!

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