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Things to do in Bahrain Vacation

things to do in bahrain

Are you planning to visit Bahrain and you have no idea what you are going to do there?, well worry not, sit down and relax as I am going to take you through this beautiful island’s top notch travel destinations that will provide you with an unforgettable experience. The island has much to offer ranging from amazing and elegant beaches to world class shopping destinations, historical sites, museums and lots of beautiful sceneries among many other mesmerizing things you can do. Below are the top things to do in Bahrain’s amazing destinations that will give you a wonderful experience full of fun.

Shopping at the Manama Souq

Your shopping experience on this island will be incomplete without getting in touch with the Manama Souq; full of profusion colors, sounds and aromas. A visit here will leave you stunned after being exposed to array of merchandises that ranges from colorful clothes and textures to gold and jewelry as well as the traditional collection of spices and local produce. The destination in deed without doubt will turn your shopping experience into a magical one as lots of goods are in place just for you The Souq is worth a visit, even if it’s only to enjoy the brilliantly colored display of fresh fruits and vegetables, without forgetting the scents of herbs, nuts and spices.

things to do in bahrain

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A visit to the Tree of life

The tree of life is without doubt one of the world’s mysterious sceneries that you can’t imagine of and perhaps the seventh wonder of the world. The tree of life is almost 500 years old and still survives in the interior of the desert, a mystery that has left many puzzled and making it a legend. The tree has been attracting many visitors from across the world who just visits to witness this unbelievable nightmare.

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Image provided by guest author

A visit to Bahrain National Museum

Your visit here will be quite extraordinary as the destination among the most gougers and adorable places in Bahrain. The building was opened in 1988, and since then it has maintained its charm as the most fascinating buildings in Bahrain. Its location on the edge of the sea makes it a tremendous attraction. Being one of the first museums in the Gulf, lots of activities are on board for you that range from exploring the renowned history of about 6000 years to lots of archaeological artifacts and fossils that showcases the true historical mileage of this lovely country.

Bahrain National Museum

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A visit to Hawar Islands:

Situated on the coast of Qatar, this is a popular destination for bird watchers. You will enjoy and experience the beauty of nature in addition to watching unique species of birds in the world. Here the tourists can enjoy:

  • Unspoiled natural beauty of this island will be a like a divine bliss for the heart and soul of the visitors.
  • Having a peek into the wide varieties of lovely bird species of Bahrain in their natural habitat will be the experience of a lifetime.
  • Watching and feeding the birds will give a special kind of enjoyment to the visitors. They will get the feel of real freedom after watching the free birds flying and dancing the free blue sky.

Water sports

Bahrain has a friendly temperature and climate that makes it an ideal place for water sports. The warm shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf make it a superb place for sailing and scuba diving without forgetting the night-time sea fishing. Since Bahrain is well known for its pearl industry, it provides you with the Scuba Centre that helps the visitors to have a quality and wonderful time when diving for their own pearls. The moments doesn’t end there as you can take a 40 minutes boat ride to the nearby Hawar islands and get to enjoy yourself seeing the dolphins play in calm waters.

water sports

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Motor sports

Perhaps you may complete your trip by visiting Bahrain international Circuit in Sakhir. Lots of motor sports games ranges from drag racing to GP2 among many other events. After being established on March 17, 2004, the Bahrain grand Prix made history to become the first Formula One Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East. This country fought off fierce competition from the likes of Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates who were all hoping to host this prestigious race. The destination is quite famous and thus attracts many travelers from across the world. A visit here is a great opportunity for you to be among the many who have visited this eye catching destination.

Bahrain is a home to many unique places that can even make you extend your stay. The above destinations just a few of the many located here. To visit this classy part of the world, all you need is the Bahrain Visa that is available for application online. Life is short, apply now and get to enjoy yourself to the fullest in Bahrain.

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Alina from UK, travel enthusiast who loves to share her travel stories on different blogs. Presently she working on behalf of Bahrain visa which provides a visa assistance to visit Bahrain.

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