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10 Best Things to Do in North Goa, India

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things to do in North Goa

Goa is privileged with pleasant climate, turquoise skies, and a spectacular landscape. Welcome to paradise where picture perfect beaches, beautiful people, and exquisite sunsets welcome you!

Goa is a small exotic state nestled on the west coast of India. Ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years, this coastal state brings together a unique motley of Indian and European culture before you, thus earning the nickname the “Rome of the East” sometimes.

It houses some of the most romantic, secluded, golden beaches of the world and is dotted with numerous magnificent churches, temples and mosques hugging the shoreline. Between the sprawling golden beaches, pristine breathtaking corals, delicious cuisine and towering monuments of immense cultural heritage, Goa is one of the world’s most happening tourist destinations with deep-rooted culture, tradition and rich heritage.

So make sure to check these unique things to do in North Goa:

1. Trek alongside milky waterfalls

Gushing at the borders of Goa, is the tallest waterfalls in India. Named Dudhsagar it literally means ‘River of milk’, thanks to the white hue from the fast rapids.  Hike alongside Dudhsagar to a trail bustling with plant and animal beauty. 

If trekking is not your cup of tea, hop onto one of these good old timely steam wagons that will take you across a rail track cutting across the misty from the waterfall, while the view takes your breath away.

2. Kayak with the water lilies


Goa is famous for its beaches, but it is also home to six rivers. Head over to the backwaters of Goa to soak up nature’s beauty. There are several instructors and agency that offer kayaks to you. The waters are calm, hence getting on a boat and paddling away does not require much skill. It gives you ample time and freedom to admire the beauty of one’s surroundings.

The rivers Sal, Terekol, Mapura and Chapora are beautiful. Mandovi and Zuari are the most famous rivers but they must be reserved for the more adventurous and experienced at heart. If you are an enthusiastic adrenaline junkie, do check them out.

These mighty rivers house several species of freshwater fish, migratory birds, and even crocs. They support lush mangrove as one moves closer to the seashores. Home to myriad species. From herons, kingfishers, cormorants to naughty frolicking otters these backwaters have it all! A treat for the nature lover.

At the end of a good kayaking work out be sure to anchor up at one of the fishing villages for a simple yet delicious meal of crab curry, fried fish and craft beer marking a perfect end to the perfect day.

3. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Dolphin spotting

Scuba Diving

Goa is on the coast of the Arabian Sea with plethora of underwater life to offer, fishes of all the hues of the rainbow, and turtles that scuba diving a trip into an underwater fantasy land.

If underwater biodiversity is not your jam, you can check out the shipwrecks off the Goan shore. Explore sunken World War II battleships and Portuguese Galleons to embark on a real life treasure hunt with things of yore.

4. Cruising across the Mandovi

Goa offers some of the most picture perfect sunsets. You can enjoy the sea on one side and views of the capital city of Panjim on the other all while sailing away on the river Mandovi, nursing craft beer in one hand, finger food in other.

Usually two hours long, these cruises have something to cheer even the most claustrophobic of all travelers. Gyrate to Goan music, sip pina-coladas and soak in the sun as you relish lip-smacking Goan food.

5. Fort Aguada

If the sea doesn’t particularly charm you, check out this architectural relic from the heights of Portuguese empire. Situated on a hilltop and with three freshwater springs inside its compound, Fort Aguada offers a serene mystical view of a lush mountainside merging with golden beaches dotted with coconut fronds.

6. Bow down at Se Cathedral

If a fun action packed weekend has you tired and looking for some peace, head over to the magnificent Se Cathedral Church. It not only houses the relics of Saint Xavier but it boasts of beautiful high arches reminiscent of Portuguese Glory. Embellished true to its Baroque and Corinthian heritage. Adorned with highly detailed, lifelike artifacts interiors, it is the epitome of Goan aesthetics.

7. Parasailing and Paragliding

If you want thrills without getting your toe wet North Goa offers safe, regulated parasailing and paragliding at incredibly affordable prices for you. The gorgeous view from top is something to cherish forever.

8. Make Love, Not War

Among other things North Goa is the birthplace of hippie culture in India. Explore the town of Vagator and its multiple hippie flea markets to soak in the laid back attitude of this town along with its vibrant rave culture. Well known for its dramatic red cliffs overlooking the shore, Vagator will offer a bird’s eye view of the best rave parties and the best sunsets.

9. Surf, Sands and the Goan life

No surprise, relax at the beach and if you can, head over to Ashwem beach. A relatively undiscovered gem, it has the hall mark scenic beauty of Goa albeit the bustling crowds of tourists.

Quaint villages nearby have coconut and palm groves, forests and fields providing an idyllic setting while you dig into local cuisine. Goa boasts of lip-smacking simple food like patoleo, sorpotel, sannas. Football and traditional dances like the kunbi and singing sessions of folk Konkani mandos and dulpods is bound to keep you entertained at this paradise.  

10. Mapusa Market

Don’t just experience Goa, keep a part of it forever with you. Visit Mapusa market, the hub of everything Goan, from spices, to art, knickknacks and memorabilia. With traditional Goan handicrafts, pottery and homemade pickles; Mapusa has something for everyone who has visited these shores.

Whatever you do just remember to forget yourself and have fun while you are there. Bon voyage!

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