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10 Things to Do in Toowoomba

Exchange Building, Toowoomba

Situated 125 kilometers in the Southwest side of Queensland, the capital city of Brisbane, Toowoomba used to be a ghost town. Before, the only reason why people go to this town is its enchanting and captivating Carnival of Flowers which is held every September.

But now, the Garden City is much more than the Carnival. It already a home to various tourist destinations, parks, department stores, gardens and of course, award-winning restaurants which makes it one of the best towns to visit in Australia.

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful town and you wish to know what are the best places to visit, restaurants to eat at and activities to do, you have come to the right place! Below are the top 10 things to do in Toowoomba:

1.     Take the time to smell the flowers (literally!) at the Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland

Located in the crest of the Great Driving Range, this 160-acre park features a panoramic view of the Table Top Mountain. In the lookout area, you will get to recognize how high this town really is because it is the highest point in the region.

Aside from the lookout point, this tourist attraction is also the home to three parklands- Lions Park, Tobruk, and Drive Park. Another fantastic highlight of this attraction is the Picnic Point Bushland which is known for its bush trails.

Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba

Image credit: Tatters

2.    Go down memory lane at Cobb & Co Museum

This museum is one proof that museum hopping can become more fun and entertaining. Instead of the usual exhibition, the museum features 59 horse-drawn carriages that belong to the National Carriage Collection.

In addition, it has galleries have different items and mementos that portray the cultural and national history of the town. Join in the guided tours that the museum offers and watch the behind the scenes stories so you can get to know more about this town. By walking down the halls of this museum, you can walk down memory lane.  

3.    Watch cultural shows at the Empire Theatre

This theatre is one of the gems of Toowoomba as it is listed as a heritage area. It features an impressive and magnificent architectural structure. Its exterior is also lined with palm trees, making the building look more beautiful.

Empire Theater is also considered to be the largest performing arts complex in the whole of Australia and is the place where both national and international artists perform and show off their talent.

4.    Have a taste of Vietnam in Original Saigon

The food establishments and cuisines that you can enjoy in Toowoomba are not limited to just Australian and Western food. In this quaint town, you can find Original Saigon – Vietnamese Restaurant Ruthven Street where you can enjoy the taste of authentic Vietnamese dishes.

If you wish to satisfy your Asian cravings, this is the place to go. The restaurant offers delicious dishes like Banh Mi – Viet Baguette, PHO – Viet Classic Soup, Rice Paper Rolls- Goi Cuon and many more. The great thing about this restaurant is they have a dish for everyone—including the vegans! Some of the dishes in their Vegan menu include Lemongrass Tofu, Vegan Spring Rolls along many others.

vietnamese restaurant in toowoomba

Photo credit: Original Saigon

5.    Enjoy nature in Crow Nest National Park

Located at Darling Downs, this national park is divided into various sections. The first one is the wallaby- dotted park which has a eucalyptus forest and cascading waterfalls. In one part, there is Crow Nest Creek that also has a waterfall and swimming holes where you can cool down and relax after a 2-kilometer trek.

Aside from the scenic spots, you can also spot a few wildflowers and some nocturnal animals during your visit.

6.    Have a salt therapy at their Salt Caves

Another spot that Toowoomba is known for is its Himalayan Salt Cave that not only looks magnificent but also gives you the most tranquil experience. You can also enjoy the salt therapy offered inside the caves and reap the health benefits that the salt provides.

7.    Take a stroll at the Queens Park

The Queens Park is one of the most picturesque parks that you can ever see in Toowoomba, and the most significant thing about it is its location– just a few minutes away from the Central Business District.

The park spans 61.7 acres and is the perfect meeting place for everyone because of its convenient location and beautiful scenery. It is divided into three sections—the greater park area, The Queens Park Botanic area, and The Vera Lacaze Memorial Park, all of which are in their peak beauty during the month of September.

8.    Have a picnic at the Boyce Gardens

One of the best picnic spots in town is the Boyce Gardens which is considered to be a heritage garden. The garden is more than just a home to a wide array of flora but is also a testimony of the hard work and dedication of its cultivators—Margaret and Leslie Boyce.

9.     Be in awe of the heritage homes around town

Aside from the gardens and parks, Toowoomba is also the place where you can have a look at some of the most elaborate and grandiose heritage homes in Australia. Some of the heritage homes that you should not miss out on are Bishop’s House, Ascot House, and The Grange.

Exchange Building, Toowoomba

Exchange Building, Toowoomba – Photo credit: Queensland State Archives

10.    Drive to the Bunya Mountains National Park

If you want to break free from technology and stress for a while, you should go on the 90-minute drive to this national park. While it will make you miss your social media friends for a few hours, its wildlife, breathtaking views, and relaxing ambiance will make the digital detox well worth it.

Because of all of these developments, Toowoomba has now become a vibrant tourist area, making it a town that is well worth exploring. If you want to enjoy a weekend trip with the right balance of peace and quiet and amazing activities and jam-packed itinerary, this is definitely the town to go to!

Make sure that you visit or do all the activities that we have mentioned above so you can fully experience all the things that Toowoomba has to offer.

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