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Tips Traveling Around Europe in a Motorhome

Travel through Europe by motor home

Have you made a decision to travel through Europe in a motorhome? Still struggling with ‘how to prepare’ for the journey? Then this article is a must read for you, as it includes some important hacks and tips you should know before starting your journey.

Europe is an amazing place to visit as it offers a lot of cultural diversity and new adventures. But it can become quite frustrating when your travel is sabotaged because you hadn’t prepared much for your journey. Here are some tips and ideas for your caravan to help you along the way.

Know your motorhome size

Measure the length and height of your vehicle. Keep this information handy, as at some point, you will be presented with a low bridge or narrow gap. Knowledge of the dimensions of your caravan or motor home can then save you from a lot of hassle. Don’t specifically rely on manufacturer details though, as they can be wrong. Measure the vehicle yourself for accurate measurement.

Motor home

Propane tanks

Your motor van will have a pre-installed propane tank (used for the heating system, hot water and refrigerator) but if your plan is to stay for a longer period of time, you should get a second full tank for your caravan. With a second tank in storage, it will give you a plenty of time to refill your first tank if it runs out suddenly.

Cost estimation

Calculating the costs of your camper insurance, caravan ground fees, registration and gas can give a good estimate of what your total expenditure is going to be. On such road trips, you might have to pay for the camping spot. And other costs related to your stay should also be in the sum of your estimation. It is thus necessary to calculate your cost beforehand.

Double check everything

If you have made a list of things to take with you during your journey, double check them. Often times, in a hurry, we forget to keep or buy something that is really necessary and realizing it too late spoils your trip. Check your passports, insurance and all such important documents before embarking on your journey.

Can one survive without the internet?

Staying connected to the internet has become important to most of us nowadays. Mobile internet possibilities are the solution to this issue. Even though most camp sites offer Wi-Fi, you might need it for using Google Maps if you get lost or even just for your own recreational purposes.

Travel through Europe by motor home

Concerns of parking the home

A major issue that the person driving the motor home will come across is; where do I park this gigantic vessel?

In the beginning, it might come across as a difficult task to do because one is not accustomed to parking a motorhome or caravan on their first trip. But with the help of the partner traveling with you, it can be made much easier. Just let them get off the vehicle to guide you correctly. With their hand waving gestures guiding you, you will have a very easy time parking your caravan or motor home.

Google Translate to the rescue

It obviously shouldn’t come as a surprise, that every next person you will be meeting will not be speaking your native language. But these issues should not hold you back from having the adventure of a lifetime. With Google Translate and internet availability, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Do your research 

Some preparation beforehand can save you from a lot of frustration and hassle later on. Researching about the places you will visit will definitely prove to be a lifesaver because you will then know what to expect once you are there. Research in detail about the local weather, festivals or customs and traditions about your destination that could affect your visit.

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