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To People Who are Interested in Solo Backpacking but Can’t Get Started

The Trail

If you have thought about going on a backpacking trip on your own and are still confused, don’t fret too much. Having such thoughts of independence isn’t unnatural. In fact, it is healthy to think and dream of doing it on your own, at least once in your lifetime.

Having thoughts of travelling on your own is somewhat an admirable trait to have. This means that somehow you want to learn how to rely on yourself and see nature with your own eyes and with your own capacity.

Solo Travelling

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However, travelling on your own can post quite a risk since there will be no one to guide you if you ever get lost and help you if you ever get into a bind. Thus, you have to thoroughly think these through.

Man or woman – it doesn’t matter which of the two you think you are. What matters, in making the decision to make these thoughts into reality, is your courage to do so and perseverance to follow through what you have already decided upon.

If you’ve finally decided that its time, then you can always start with these quick tips:

1. Inform someone before going out.

Before actually going out, or while preparing for the things you can use on your trip, inform a few people of what you’re planning to do, were you’re planning to go, and how long they should expect you to be gone.

This is somewhat quite basic, yet necessary, in order to make sure that people will know where you are if they ever need you for something. Also, it helps in keeping track if you’re okay. If you don’t show up in the expected day and time, then people will try to find you and help you, in case of something occurring while you are on your trip.

2. Bring something you can use to communicate.

If you have a cellphone (which many people usually has), then you ought to bring it along. Even if you can’t charge it due to lack of electricity, you can always conserve tis power and carry it along in case you need to call for help.

Having a phone is handy in these cases, since it can be used to communicate to people for emergency reasons.

3. Bring the necessary supplies for survival and safety.

Just like the normal backpacking trips you have and experience, you ought to bring supplies such as food, cooking materials, personal items, water, first aid kit, and a few small things for survival and safety.

Check and recheck if you have all you need since there’ll be no one to back you up once you start going up the trail.

4. Stick to the trail

The Trail

Image source: Flickr

If you’re still a bit scared and uncertain of what to do, then it’s better to stick to the trail. Trails are there as guide as to bring you to your destination, so faithfully following it would never get you wrong.

Don’t make a turn or a stop if you’re not sure, since this can lead to you getting lost.

5. Learn how to navigate well.

One important thing that can help you in this quest is the ability to navigate well by yourself, through the use of maps, GPS, and compass.

Learn how to do it yourself and keep practicing. Then, ask someone (preferably a professional) to check if you do indeed know what you’re doing and where you’re going.

It’s better to perfect this skill since no one can help you once you get lost on your own.

6. Know your own capacity.

Lastly, you ought to know fully well your own capacity. Since you are alone, you should not bring too many things along. Settle for those you really need, and if it can’t be helped, then repack it into smaller containers.

Moreover, don’t hike up a distance you’re not sure you can finish. Getting yourself all worked up will take a till in your body, which can be bad if you’re alone and you get sick.

Stick to what you can do and what you can carry. Know which amount is comfortable and which is not. This is both for your safety and well-being.

These six things should be enough to start with if you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip along. If you can add to this list, then that’s good.

Just remember to keep in priority your well-being and safety. If you have, then feel free to enjoy to your heart’s content.

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