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Today’s Flight Is Cancelled. Here are 7 Things To Do About This

flight cancellation
delayed flights

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We prepared and are trying our best to arrive early at the airport. We already ate our meals and paid for the parking. Upon check-in at the airport, the airline announced just now that the flight’s cancelled because of overbooking, mechanical failure, bad weather and the reasons go on.

Yes, we really hate that flight’s delayed and cancelled. Alright, here are the things you can do if you have discovered this kind of bad news.

1. Call the airline first before you get out

Luckily, if you read this article before leaving your home, try to call the airline if the flight will still resume or if there are news that it is cancelled.

2. Know your rights

If you are I the US, request for Rule 240, which states that the airline must bring you within 2 hours of your scheduled flight, otherwise (except for bad weather), they must arrange you for another flight free of charge.

Aside from knowing airline cancellation policies, try to get a compensation if you can. Some airlines refund their passengers, they can also provide free meals in case flight’s delayed. Others may book them hotel rooms in case there will be very long delays. If you cannot get compensation from the airline, it will be better to book a room on your own and try to settle the rest after your flight or if you have reached your destination.

3. Faster than going to a gate agent? Call ASAP or try to get a direct number

We are sure that aside from you, there are many passengers that are impatient about this and will try to call the airline. Call FAST or ASAP so you can be first caller and you will no longer wait in long queues. Call center agents will be bombarded with calls and it will be faster to call immediately or ASAP than going to a gate agent.

Also, try to get a direct number of the agent or airline so in case they will know about you and have told them your story, they might get your attention and will contact you about the re-schedule of your flight.

flight cancellation

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

4. Check your insurance and baggage

Ask the airline if what you and they can do regarding insurance and checked-in baggage.

5. Going to a party or a business meeting? Inform them.

By sharing your grievances, your guests or colleagues will understand your situation and who knows, they might reschedule the event or meeting for you. The important thing is, you have informed them that it is not your fault.

6. Is the event once in a lifetime? Convince them

Convince your airline if they can rebook you on another flight today or endorse your ticket to another airline. Told them and explain why you must be there at the funeral or a wedding. The crew might do anything to include you on their alternative flights.

7. Be nice, but firm at the same time

Everyone’s in a hard situation when flight’s delayed or cancelled. Make inquiries politely but get their attention and show that you are really serious about your demands so they will take action and accommodate you without making you wait longer compared to other passengers. The crew may give you free upgrades.

While waiting for your new flight schedule, meals or hotel booking, be comfortable and everything will be fine soon. Inform your loved ones on your home about the flight. If airport’s not far, you can call them to pick you up and fly again on your next schedule.

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