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TOP 5 Attractions With Free Entry in Barcelona and Its Surroundings!

Strandabschnitt in Barcelona.

Barcelona is an architectural wonder of Spain, a real open–air museum where Gothic masterpieces of the Middle Ages surprisingly harmoniously combine with unusual buildings in Art Noveau and High-Tech styles.

TOP 5 attractions with free entry in Barcelona

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Should we remind you that exactly here the most famous works of Antonio Gaudi are located? His architectural projects, which could be seen throughout the city, have radically changed the face of Barcelona.

Add to the rich city’s cultural heritage its vibrant night life, closeness to the sea and mountains and you’ll get the perfect destination for tourists of different ages and interests.

If you happen to get to Barcelona, you should know it’s possible to spend here fantastic holidays even without wasting pots of money.

And here is TOP 5 attractions you can enjoy free of charge!

1. Montserrat monastery

Location: 41.593338, 1.837646
Distance from the airport: 54.5 km
Driving time: 47 min

Monastery Montserrat

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In 50km from Barcelona, there is fantastically beautiful mountain range of Montserrat, among the rocks of which the Benedictine monastery is hiding – spiritual symbol and religious center of Catalonia, which attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world each year.
It was built almost thousand years ago and here still live about a hundred of monks of Benedictine Order.

It’s interesting to know

The pride of the Monastery is a wooden statue of Our Lady carved by St. Luke. According to a legend, the statue was hidden from the wicked Saracens in the mountains of Montserrat in 718. Then it had been lost for almost 200 years until its miraculous discovering by shepherds in a cave, in which they were led by mysterious glow and angelic singing.

In the Monastery, there are the Art Gallery with a small, but rich collection of paintings by El Greco, Caravaggio, Morales, Degas, Picasso, and Dali and a library containing over 400 rare medieval manuscripts and even Egyptian papyri.

In addition, when visiting the monastery, you’ll have a great opportunity of enjoy breathtaking views of Montserrat Mountains from the special observation points.

2. Tibidabo Mountain

Location: 41.422145, 2.118773
Distance from the airport: 18.2 km
Driving time: 25 min

Views fron Tibidabo III

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It’s the highest point of Barcelona and as a result, the best place to enjoy magnificent views of the city. Tibidabo is rarely mentioned among the list of the Barcelona attractions because it’s really hard to get there. But it wouldn’t be a problem if you rent a car. Gladly the prices for car rental in Barcelona are relatively low. You can quickly check them at Barcelona Airport

Tibidabo covers a quite a large area with lovely park, Gothic church with a huge statue of Jesus on the roof and one of the world’s oldest amusement parks.

3. Park Guell

Location: 41.414500, 2.152633
Distance from the airport: 19.6 km
Driving time: 26 min

Parc Güell, Barcelona

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The unique Park Guell located in the upper part of Barcelona, was designed in the beginning of 20th century by Antoni Gaudí, world-known architect, who has never admitted straight lines and monotone colors.

It’s interesting to know

Antoni Gaudi hated closed and geometrically correct spaces and tried to avoid direct lines in his works. An ordinary chicken egg was for him a model of perfection. Once, in order to show his confidence in the phenomenal natural durability of eggs, he used to carry it for the breakfast in his pocket.

Park Guell with its iridescent mosaic benches, gingerbread houses, Hall of a Hundred Columns, caves, viaducts and stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea become a legendary place in Barcelona.

Many artists and street musicians, locals and tourists come here for inspiration or just to seat for a while on the world’s longest bench and marvel at the riot of colors and lines of the Park Guell created by imagination of the great genius of architecture.

4. Metronom Museum

Location: 41.383194, 2.166831
Distance from the airport: 16.3 km
Driving time: 21 min

Metronom is considered the most progressive museum of Barcelona. It was founded in 1980 to represent to the local public the most challenging projects by young Spanish artists and sculptors.
Metronom offers its visitors fantastic opportunity to admire masterpieces of experimental art from photography and installations to video and pictures. The museum is equipped with the latest technologies, all sorts of interactive displays and ultra modern computers. After visiting the Metronom you can safely assert you have been in the art museum of the future!

5. Playa de Sant Sebastia

Location: 41.377185, 2.191409
Distance from the airport: 19.6 km
Driving time: 28 min

Strandabschnitt in Barcelona.

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Sant Sebastia is the favorite beach of locals due to its big sizes (about kilometer in length and 80 meters in width) and close location to the port. Since the beach is free, it’s quite crowded especially on week-ends, but despite this fact it’s relatively clean and has everything you need to a have a good rest.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a passionate writer and traveler. She uses every chance she gets to travel around the world. Lily tries to give useful tips based on personal experience of visiting the cities, for the readers to choose the best of them.

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