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Top 5 Romantic Holiday Destinations For Couples

travel to Savannah

There is no dearth of exotic and enchanting places to visit on the earth. And sometimes too many options do nothing more than confusing you further more. For newlyweds, or couples who are ready to tie the not, making this crucial decision of zeroing on the perfect destination for their honeymoon becomes an even more daunting task.

While Switzerland, Paris and Venice have been all time hot spots for honeymoon among couples, there are just too mainstream now. If you are among those couples who want try a newer place and the above three places are not on your wish-list at the moment, here are a few places to fly down to for an Incredible Honeymoon Trip (choosing from a list of selective 5 locations will be easier than pointing one from the elaborate world map).

#1. Cape Town, South Africa

It is one hell of a beautiful place to visit with your special someone. Exotic beaches, city-buzz, adventure and fine cuisine- all on the same platter. Enjoy the famous African Safari , savor some great wine, enjoy sumptuous sea food, relax on the beaches and enjoy cozy moments with your partner in the luxuriant hotels or resorts.

travel to Cape Town

#2. Savannah, Georgia

Serene is the word. After the tiring wedding ceremony, it is one of the best places to escape to with your beloved. Enjoy your time at this quite district of Georgia whose slow-paced life is uniquely charming along with its tree-shaded picturesque beauty.

travel to Savannah

#3. Santorini, Greece

Greece spells romance in its name itself, and the gorgeous island of Santorini embodies it too well. The pristine white villas will leave you and your partner spellbound. Enjoy watching splendid sunsets together. The atmosphere will keep up the flame of love burning bright.

travel to Santorini

#4. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Land in Bahamas and head to the Harbour island. You’ll be delighted to step foot on the rare pink-sand beaches. Spend some memorable time walking along your beloved, leaving behind footsteps on the sands that give the feeling of treading over paradise. And in this paradise blows the winds that have romance in it. You’ll love it all.

travel to Harbour Island

#5. Sonoma, California

Another traveler’s paradise, Sonoma, just a short drive from the Golden Gate Bridge, California can also be picked for a perfect honeymoon destination. The scenic place is also popular for great wineries and long stretched farmlands. Forget the world, enjoy your lone time with the one you love in the lovely vistas.

travel to Sonoma

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