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Travel to Singapore: 5 Things to Love in Asia’s Lion City

Singapore at Night

If there is a phrase to best capture Singapore, it is “dynamically unique.” This city is filled with contrast, color, and a beautiful harmony of culture, arts, cuisine and architecture. Singapore, may not be the largest country in Asia, but it exudes energy that showcases the finest of the East and West.

Singapore is an enthralling destination in itself. A popular tourist destination, thousands of people from all over the world visits the country each year to experience its traditional wonders. Are you ready to explore Singapore? We give you the 5 things to try and love in Asia’s Lion City.

1. Shopping

Travel Singapore

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Never ever leave Singapore without visiting even one of the endless stores in the city. From Indonesian silks, shirts, sarongs, and batiks, there are plenty of items to spend in the country that will be worth your every penny. If you want to get some traditional mementos of your travel, you can pick some flower essences, songkok hats, rattan goods, and more! The best thing is that, you can get them in great prices.

One of the best places to shop in Singapore is the Orchard Road. The shopping centre sells everything that the shopaholic in you can ever imagine from branded shoes, to designer clothes, precious gems, accessories, and eyewear. Whenever you feel tired hopping in different boutiques, you can rest a bit in restaurants scattered in the area.

2. Fast-Paced Life

Singapore Travel

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One of the best things about Singapore is its efficiency. Things run fast, but efficient. It seems that people here are not used for the long wait. When it comes to business matters, people in Singapore don’t procrastinate. They just do it. When it comes to transportation, they really define what a first-world country is.

3. Lively Nightlife

Singapore at Night

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Looking for a place where you can party all night? A visit to Singapore will not disappoint. Things start and end in the city late, so its true life starts when the sun goes down. Marvel with the lights, clubbing is great in Singapore and food is great as well. Michelin star restaurants are sprouting in the city and whether you like fine or street dining, there surely is something perfect for your budget and choice.

And speaking of food, have you tasted the Chilli crab yet? It is the local dish that you definitely have to try. Every visiting Korean can’t wait to get a plate, and it could be a bit daunting for Westerners who aren’t that fond of spicy food. But it would be so popular for nothing, so ditch the fear and dig in to this flavourful red dish!

4. Multi-cultural City

Singapore Travelers

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Singapore is a welcoming city. There are people from all walks of life, and they harmoniously live in this amazing city. Name a nationality you want to meet and you can probably find one in Singapore. As it is a popular tourist hub, there are many people from different parts of the world who choose to make a living in the county.

Another great thing is that many of the locals are multilingual. Singapore offers so many perks for its citizens and of the best is its cutting edge education system.

5. Traveler-Friendly

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With the four great things aforementioned above about Singapore, it is no doubt a great vacation destination. But what makes it more special, is that you will never get lost in the place! There are excellent signage all over the place that will make it easier for you to transfer from a destination to another. Plus, Singapore is really small. It will not take half a day to get from one point using a public transportation.

In addition. Singapore is also known for being a campaign city. Signage are everywhere encouraging people to practice good values. You will be instantly reminded of your “Thank You” and “Please” when you are roaming around town.

If you are looking for a place that can guarantee a memorable adventure with your partner or with the family, visit Singapore. There are awesome adventure parks awaiting, and it offers every activity for people of all ages. Singapore is also allows budget travel so you don’t have to spend a fortune to explore the place. Plan your travel and visit Singapore today!

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