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Family Vacation Planning: Top 9 Guides to Travel with Kids

Traveling Tips with Kids

Planning a family vacation? Sounds amazing! Taking a vacation with the family does not only allow you to take a break from hustle and bustle of your daily routines, it also gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with the children.

However, going into a long trip with the kids is not easy as what you think it to be. Parents who were able to go into a long travel could attest to this, especially those who brought toddlers with them. To those with older children, the challenge comes when the kids have made up their minds on a destination and you prefers another. Most likely, you have to compromise to ensure that everyone will have a great time.

Traveling with Kids - Family Vacation

1. Packing

Packing is where the fun starts as your children’s excitement soar with the entire idea of the trip. While you can let your kids do the packing, do not trust them entirely with the task. Create a checklist and assist them in loading their bags.

Packing the travel essentials is very important to nail all at once. Bring a small bag containing clothes for the next day (and some extras), pyjamas, toothbrush, toddler’s blanket and pillow, and paper towels. These things should come in handy for your convenience.

2. Keep the Kids Busy

Long trips could be an ultimate boredom for your kids and can be a major cause of tantrums that you would never want to happen while in a travel. This can be remedied by bringing healthy snacks to keep them busy. Portable DVD’s or an iPad filled with kid-friendly apps can also be a life-saver. For your toddler, you can always opt for a safe travel toy.

3. Make Time for Stops

You want to keep your kids comfortable as much as possible. Make an extra time for a stop for those big and little breaks. Remember that your kids will need a bathroom break, feedings, and some stretching!

4. Manage Baby Gear

Baggage restrictions especially in travel is one of the challenges Moms have to nail accordingly to ensure comfort for the kids. Look online for options, you can even rent for baby gears in your destination to save yourself from bring heavy luggage.

5. Book Ahead

For a hassle-free travel, it pays a lot to plan and book your transportation and accommodation ahead of time. Book online if you cannot find the time to visit a local travel agent. When going into an air trip, reserve seats in a same row. If you cannot get seats together, ask other passengers politely to swap seats so you could sit next to your family.

6. Let the Kids Explore

Traveling Tips with Kids

A family vacation is an opportunity for the kids to explore and learn about the world. Be patient with their questions and give them a child-friendly camera they can use at their liking. With a camera at their perusal, they will be encouraged to observe and take a shot of what interests them. You can also introduce them into journaling their travel experiences. You will be surprised of how your children sees the world even at their young age!

7. Be Prepared for the Weather

With all the busy preparations for the family travel, parents oftentimes forget the climate of their destination. The change in the weather can take a toll on your children’s health. Make sure you bring clothes to match your destination’s weather condition. Failing to do so may jeopardize your trip big time.

8. Protect the Kids against Bugs

Baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and bug sprays are travel essentials you have to keep in your handbag all the time. This is vital especially if you are taking a road trip where you have to stop to eat in places with no washing facilities.

9. Engage Your Kids in Planning

Teenagers often sulk if they are taken into an unwanted travel. Avoid this from happening by involving them on the planning. Ask them for input regarding the destination and give them responsibilities they could gladly handle.

Do not gamble your chances when it comes to your family’s safety and fun while in travel. A family vacation is meant to be enjoyed. Ensure that your vacation is kid and adult friendly so everyone will have a great time.

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