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Traveling With Dogs – Best US Beaches for Your Dog Friend

traveling with your dog

Your dog is not just a pet to you. He is also your best friend, a part of your family. However, when you want to go on a holiday, the first bigger problem appears: what to do with your dog? Leaving him at home is not an option, as you want him to share this adventure with you, but when you are about to hit the shore, you need to check what are some of the pet friendly beaches, so that the two of you can plan out a fun and thoroughly active vacation together.

Right after you choose a destination, you need to deal with some necessary and sometimes hard-to-come-by paperwork: the dog passport and a medical sheet of your pooch. Step two: inform yourself of airport policies and book a room in a dog-friendly hotel or hostel. When all the big preparations are taken care of, you need to find a crate for him to travel in. If you are flying, consult with your vet. Dogs on planes are in for a very nasty trip. If you could give it some light sedative, it would have a considerably better flight. And while you’re there, treat your dog for fleas and ticks before the trip – especially because you will be visiting beaches, well-known tick zones as clean as they are.

traveling with your dog

So if you are struggling with finding pet-friendly beaches where you and your furry little friend can spend your summer holiday together, check out these doggie hot-spots.


#1. Arroyo Burro Beach

Also known as Hendry’s beach, this is the most famous legal off-leash beach in Santa Barbara. Many who have visited praise how it is a fun and beautiful place. It is very clean, with bags and bins at the entrance, so that owners can pick up after their dog. It is quite a large beach with sand so soft, you could run and play fetch all day long. What is also great about this place is that there is a restaurant where both of you can dine together, as they offer a wide range of meals for your pet.

traveling with your dog

#2. Nags Head

If you have a big family, and you all decided to go on a trip together, this paradise in North Carolina is exactly what you are looking for. There is an 11 mile-long coastline where you can take a long walk in the sun, while the light breeze keeps both you and your pooch cool. So if the lot of you actually need a break from the city, just take a walk and forget about all the problems back home. Nags is the place you should not miss out on.

#3. Fort De Soto Park Paw Playground

On the other hand, if you and your pet are more about highly dynamic action, then you should hit this Florida beach with a bag of bouncy balls and other toys, and spend an unforgettable holiday on the pet playground. There you will find two fenced-in areas that separate larger from smaller dogs, so you should not worry about leaving your dog with some new friends while you take a quick swim in the ocean. There are also a couple of guards who constantly monitor the dogs, making sure that playtime passes by in order.


#4. Ocean Beach

On this beach in California, social pups are bound to have the time of their lives. This is the place where more than 100 owners a day come to throw Frisbees and make friends with other people and their pets. No leash is required, so the little one can run around freely, and get to know other dogs as well and play with them too.

Traveling With Dogs - Best US Beaches for Your Dog Friend

So why leave your little friend at home? A well-behaved dog on a beach is a source of endless adventure, and you know it will only make your vacation more fun. After all, Boomer loves the swimming as much as you do. At the right beach, the two of you are bound to show the world how you are the best of buds.

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