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Vegas Vacation Tips: 6 Tips Every First Timer Must Know

Visit Las Vegas - Nightlife

The entertainment capital of the world, Vegas offer fascinating sights of large dazzling buildings and casinos. If you are looking for an entertainment that you will never forget, Las Vegas is a destination to visit. However planning to go there will be tough especially when you are a first time traveller. The good news is, with proper preparation and knowledge about the city, there is a high chance for you to enjoy a worthwhile vacation.

Visit Las Vegas - Nightlife

Las Vegas in the Night
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Traveling Las Vegas for the first time may be challenging, but do not let it prevent you from enjoying the place has to offer. To reduce your worries and make the most of your Las Vegas trip, we prepared 6 tips that we hope could help you in your travel preparations.

Vacation Tip #1: Book Your Vegas Trip Early

Reservations and ticket purchase a month before your travel will save you the money and time. It is better to be advanced in preparing your trip so you can avoid the hassles. Many hotels in Vegas offer discounts for early reservations. Take it to your advantage! Since there are lots of activities to try in Las Vegas, a little savings can be used for more fun!

Vacation Tip #2: Bring Comfortable Clothing

Start your trip and explore gorgeous hotels and the nightlife of Las Vegas wearing comfortable dress and shoes. Bear in mind that the city lies in the desert, so the temperature is expected to be hot. In fact, temperature in Vegas could rise at about 115 degrees in summer. However, this does not apply when you are inside hotels and establishments. Most of them use air-conditioning to alleviate the heat so better bring a sweater or jacket because to keep yourself comfy despite the temperature drop indoors. Hats can be useful when walking in the city streets at noon.

Dressing appropriately in Vegas is vital, for your vacation will be enjoyed best when you are comfortable.

Vacation Tip #3: Be Observant On Streets as a Good Pedestrian

Las Vegas Trip - Tips for First Timers

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When walking in the city streets be aware of the traffic lights. Sometimes, even drivers experience a difficult time following traffic rules so being observant is vital to secure yourself from danger. A basic rule is passing city streets, just look to the left and right. Being a responsible pedestrian may not only save your live, but others as well.

Vacation Tip #4: Try the Best Food Vegas Has to Offer

One of the best thing about travel is you can try on food which are new to your taste. Las Vegas has the best buffets and restaurants in the world, and there are limitless options to dine in the city. The two most popular buffet in the city are the Buffet at the Bellagio and the Spice Market Buffet. They offer an array of international cuisines that are cooked to delight the guests. Some repeat travellers in Vegas make it a tradition to visit these restaurants. Experience a superb dining experience as well! Either you try this well-known restaurants or you make your own food discoveries, complete your Vegas trip by eating at the finest.

The quality of food is very high in many restaurants in Las Vegas, so forego your diet, remember you are in a vacation, you deserved to be pampered and enjoy the delicious food!

Vacation Tip #5: Play a Few Games

Travel Las Vegas - Casinos

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Entertainment and gambling is air in Vegas, so when you are in the city, try at least some games in casinos. As it is your first time, it will be a heck of experience to play a little and bet a little. However, if you get yourself ready for the games and you have set a budget for it, try your luck in betting. Just remember that there is so much to do in the Las Vegas so as much as possible try get away from the expensive side of the trip as you arrive, explore the places first and splurge in casinos when you’re sure that your budget is already settled until you’re ready to get home.

Vacation Tip #6: Explore Vegas

There are many places to go when you are in the city besides gaming, there are shows you can watch with your family that are low cost or sometimes almost free. This include:

  • Lion Habitat at the MGM Grande
  • White Tigers at the Mirage
  • Fountain display in the Bellagio
  • M&M’s Store near New York, New York hotel (get a chance to watch a free M&M’s movie)
  • Pirate Show at Treasure Island
  • Rain Storm at the Dessert Passage next to the Aladdin
  • Circus Acts at Circus Circus
  • Human Statues at the Venetian

So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation wisely with this tips to save your budget, time and even from possible frustrations. Las Vegas is a big playground for adults and kids, spending your vacation alone is good, but traveling with your family is always best.

Whatever you do with your vacation in Vegas, it is definite that you will never forget this awesome place!

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