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What Attracts People From Different Countries To Dubai?

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Dubai is popular not only in United Arab Emirates but in the entire world for being the hot spot. The glitzy city is loved by many corporates, business people, and even tourists.

Dubai is a city where there are unlimited skyscrapers and expanding shopping malls. Gone are the days when Dubai was just a desert, not it is a destination on every traveler’s bucket list.

People from different parts of the world come here for fun, entertainment, shopping, and adventure. Dubai is definitely a place for sightseeing as it has huge aquariums, the most popular Burj Khalifa, and indoor ski slopes.

Dubai’s popularity lies its nightlife, shopping malls, wealth of course, and the sky scrapers. Let us dig in more about the city and see what you can do when you are here. However, before that, you need to make your UAE India flight booking through a food airline so you have a safe flying experience till Dubai.

Dubai creek and Dubai Marina

It is a lively destination that offers fine dining, maritime experience, and a great leisure time. If you are at the Dubai creek and Dubai Marina, your life will not pause. Yes, you can still dine, shop around, and try out your favorite activities.

The place has been beautifully designed, you can find the pedestrian sidewalks so wonderful that a stroll would be relaxing here. The sunset looks so awesome that you would not stop taking pictures. And the sight of Downtown Dubai will melt your heart.

If you wish to experience the cosmopolitan life of Dubai, then you can come here and even enjoy the yacht ride. Sail on the shining blue water and do nothing but enjoy the skyline view of the city.

dubai city

Souks in Dubai

Souk is nothing but a market or a bazaar. If you are in a Dubai Souk, you will witness vibrancy at its best. The souks in the city can offer you a great deal of things including spices, metals, perfumes, household stuff, and even dry fruits. You can even find gold and other jewelry pieces.

Some of the most popular souks in the city where you need to step into are Gold souk, spice souk, perfume souk, souk Madinat, textile souk, global village, Meena bazaar, camel souk, flea market, central souk, carpet souk, and many more. Take your time and get into these markets, and we are sure you will not return with empty hands.

Famous buildings in the city

The list of popular buildings in Dubai will not end as they are being built every year. However, let us give you some of the best ones so you visit them and check out how surprising they are on your visit. Everyone know that Burj Khalifa come on top of the list since it is the tallest one in the world.

The second is the Burj Al Arab, World Trade Center of Dubai, and then comes JW Marriot Marquis, Atlantis The Palm, Princess Tower, Cayan Tower, Jumeirah Emirates Tower, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Traditional dress of Dubai

Men and women wear different outfits in Dubai. For instance, the Dubai women wear Abaya, Burqa, and even Kaffiyeh. While the men wear Kandura, Agal, and Gishwa. You must have even heard about Hijab, which is worn by women here. Though there are no restrictions for outsiders here, but if you visit the religious places such as mosques, then you should abide by the dress codes there.

Islamic culture in Dubai

In Dubai, the most common culture is Islam. It is actually in the roots of the country, hence men and follow strictly follow the religion. During Ramadan, every corner of the city has to stick to the rules set by the government. For instance, during the prayers time, most of the places are closed.

Desert climate

Dubai has a subtropical climate where the weather is usually very hot and there is some humidity as well. The winters are pretty pleasant here. If you do not like the heat, then it is better to skip the summers and visit the place during winters.

Hotels in Dubai

There is a wide array of hotels in Dubai from economy hotels to the huge luxurious resorts. You can book your hotels in advance so you can save some great on your wallets.

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