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What Everybody Ought to Know About Geocaching: 3 Things, 1 Adventure


If you’re done with going on the same hike, trails, and camping grounds, then it might be time to start with something new. How will you be able to do this?

You can try something more fun and exciting than camping and hiking by thinking of ways to spice up the old habit. Sure, the landscapes are great and beautiful. But, if you’ve been going through these trails more than ten times already, then the thrill, fun, and sense of fulfillment is already gone.

To make up for this, the only solutions are either you add something to your daily routines or you make up something that is entirely new. If it’s the later, you can then introduce it to your friends to increase the enjoyment.

If it’s the first, then how about doing something which many people haven’t done yet? Why don’t you try geocaching?


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Geocaching is an activity which can somehow be described as a modern treasure hunt, with much more features than you can account for. It has a variety of options, all of which is for maximizing a participant’s sense of adventure.

Here are a few things you ought to know about geocaching:

1. It is easy to do.

If this is your first time hearing about the activity called “geocaching”, then you might not know how to do it. Simply put, it is a modern day treasure hunt, which requires only a GPS.

A treasure hunt is a journey in search for treasure, which most people envision as a trove of gold hidden underneath a certain spot or a certain water body. The journey towards the treasure is filled with many obstacles, wherein you can definitely learn a few things about life.

Similarly, “geocaching” is a journey to find a hidden treasure (referred to as cache). However, in order to find the treasure, you don’t need a ship or an army of pirate to help you dig the spot marked as “X”. Rather, you can do it alone (with the aid of your GPS).

Geocaching Tools

Image source: Flickr

To do this, you just have to log in to various sites promoting geocaching. After the cache is hidden, coordinates will appear, which you will then enter into your GPS. Then you follow the direction towards the cache and retrieve it. Easy, right?

2. It is way more fun.

Since it is easy to do, you can always grab a few of your friends or your family to join you. Moreover, since there aren’t much of an obstacle, you can make the most of your journey by doing other things with your companions (talking, telling stories, etc.)

Aside from that, geocaching is more fun since it has a few more twist to the old-school treasure hunt. You see, rules state that if you ever find one of the caches you were looking out for and took something from it, then you have to leave something in return, as well (preferably, something as precious as what you got).

3. It offers a variety of options.

Moreover, geocaching has a lot of different options to choose from. Caches are scattered all over the world.

If you’re trying to pass time while waiting for something or someone, you can geocache and try to find  a cache near you. It might take an hour or two, but at least you made use of your time to do something more enjoyable rather than sitting around.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of time in your hands (maybe a few days or so), then you can turn one simple geocaching activity into an exciting vacation, either with your closest friends or your family. You can travel for a few miles, walk up a trail, camp, then geocache at the area.

It’s still the same thing but with an added cherry on top, which will surely fire everyone up.

Additionally, you can choose between looking for a cache and placing the cache. You simply have to follow the rules and it will be alright. Either way is fine and either way is a new and unique experience each day.

You can start anytime. Just make sure that you have a handy GPS to set you up. Then you can log in to the many internet sites which promote geocaching as an activity.

It’s not really hard to do. Rather, it is something to look forward to. Just keep up the optimism and everyone will surely have the fun of their lives.

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