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What to Bring on an Australia Holiday

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Australian holiday

The trip to Australia is often a long one, but well worth the journey. When you travel so far from home, you need to make sure to pack everything you’ll need while there. Below is a list of everything you won’t want to forget.

1. Backpack

A backpack is a necessity for all your adventures in Australia. You’ll likely go on plenty of day trips and excursions where you’ll need a backpack to carry all the necessities.

2. Swimsuits

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the most obvious things to pack get left behind! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, or where in Australia you are travelling, you’ll end up at a beach somehow, someway. Preferably bring a few options, as there’s nothing worse than having to put on a cold, wet swimsuit.

3. Sunscreen

In case you didn’t know, the sun in Australia is incredibly hot. Even if it’s overcast, you need to make sure to wear some sunscreen. You’ll be outside heaps, whether its sandboarding in Port Stephens or tanning at Bondi Beach, so sunscreen is an absolute must!

4. Camera

cameras for travel

Your holiday to Australia will be unforgettable, but just to make sure you remember everything incredible you do, capture all the amazing moments in high quality with a camera. Bring along the nicest camera you have, especially if you have a GoPro, to take some stunning photos of the Opera House or get epic footage of a jet boat ride on the harbour.

5. Power-adapter

Depending on where you’re traveling from, your electronics plugs may not be compatible with those in Australia. Do some research and see if you’ll need to pick up an adapter before you leave. If you can’t charge your phone then you can’t post all the awesome photos you take, and we can’t deprive your followers of that quality content.

6. Luggage Locks

The Best Packing Tips 20 Things NOT to Bring With You - what is in your luggage

What’s in your luggage? Image Source: Flickr

If you plan to stay in hostels, make sure to pack some luggage locks. While the hostel itself should be perfectly safe, it’s never a bad thing to protect your stuff. Give yourself ease of mind that your belongings are safe, so you can fully enjoy every second out and about.

7. Nice Outfits

While most of the clothes you should bring can be comfort focused, make sure to pack a few nice outfits for some more luxurious nights out. Consider dressing up for a Sydney Harbour Cruise, or even dining in the Sydney Towers revolving restaurant for a spectacular view of the entire city.

8. Coat

To everyone’s surprise, it can actually get very cold in certain parts of the year here. Make sure to do your research on the weather prior to your trip to make sure you bring some warm clothes and a coat or jacket.

9. Shoes

Make sure to bring both thongs (aka. flip-flops) and tennis shoes or hiking boots with you. This way you get the best of both worlds by spending time doing all the great coastal walks and hiking in national parks as well as laying around on the beach for days.

10. An Adventurous Spirit

Australia has a million different exhilarating things to do while you’re here. Cage dive with Great White sharks, jet boat on the harbour, skydive, or go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. There are endless possibilities for excitement here, so come ready to have the adventure of a lifetime and to burst out of your comfort zone.

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