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Discover Florida – Things To Do, See and Experience

places to go and things to do in florida

There is nothing good in living a life filled with regrets. While you are still young and your knees are still capable of long walks, go for a travel. Visiting new places you’ve never been in your life is weaving memories to last a lifetime, and as you reach the golden age, you will be reminded that the days of your youth are spent fully well.

Florida is known to be the Sunshine State, but more to Miami and the rest of the state (aside from Orlando and Jacksonville) receiving 2,800 and 3,200 hours of sunshine in a year, there are plenty of things that make Florida a truly interesting state. If you want a vacation that ooze with fun, adventure, and a touch of culture, read on and see why Florida is worth the visit!

#1. Attractions – Places To Visit In Florida

It may lack the sunshine like most of Florida’s cities, but Orlando boasts itself to be the undisputed theme park capital of the world. With more than 34 million visitors annually, Orlando is undoubtedly a force to reckon with when theme parks is to be talked about. Bring all of the family and go crazy over the exciting adventures in the world’s famed theme parks like Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Seaworld. Aside from theme parks, there are also nearby shopping malls and other attractions perfect for kids and adults. This is why Orlando is a perfect place to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. There are many birthday party venues Orlando you can choose from that fits your budget.

Universal Studios Florida Things To Do

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Explore the Everglades National Park, do not miss the appalling Busch Gardens in Tampa, and the world renowned Daytona International Speedway. But wait…there is more. Here is a quick sneak peek of the attractions Florida has to offer.

florida space coast

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  • Florida’s Space Coast

Unleash the astronaut in you by visiting Florida’s Space Coast in Cape Canaveral. It is the only place in the West America where people are launched into space to witness the “awesomeness” of technology. Experience the incredible blast of rockets into space!

  • Busch Gardens

There are plenty of finds to entertain the family in the Busch Gardens, but what we suggest you try is “The Kumba,” the largest and fastest roller coaster in the South East of the US. And there is the “Montu” that claims to be the tallest and largest roller coaster in the world! Sounds amazing right?!

 The roller coaster mania does not end in here though. There’s the Sheikra that awaits to give the “courageous’” the thrill of their lives. Sheikra is the first dive coaster constructed in North America, Florida’s tallest roller coaster, and notably the world’s tallest.

Moreover, the Busch Gardens is not all about pumping your adrenaline and getting all your voices out. There are fun animal exhibits such as the Cheetah Run, The Serengeti Plain, the Myombe Reserve, the Edge of Africa and more. With more than 2,600 animals, the Busch Gardens zoo is one of the best zoos in all of America.

If you decide to travel to Miami in style, consider these luxury vacation rentals in Miami. They will give you and your loved one a unique experience.

#2. Culture – Things To See and Experience In Florida

When your voice is already faint with all the screaming from the blood-rushing rides, this is the perfect time to enjoy Florida in the grandeur of its culture. Look beyond the obvious tourist finds and you’ll see that Florida has more to offer.

The Sunshine State has an abundance of architecture, museums, entertainment venues, forts, and art galleries. Tourists can simply grab some tickets and enjoy Broadway-styled shows in Florida’s major city such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and more.

  • Pensacola Dive Spots

Play pirate and discover the historic wrecks in the diving spots of Pensacola. The place has amazing wrecks to explore and this include the 350-foot steam-powered battleship, USS Massachusetts, the 888-foot aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, and the steel ship Navy Dive Tender YDT-14.

  • Miami’s Art Deco District

Walk past the Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, Miami and marvel with the Art Deco Buildings. See the buildings basked in their new-found grandeur in their unique colours. Learn more about the architecture of The Webster, The Carlyle, Jerry’s Famous Deli, the Colony Theatre and more.

The Miami Art Deco District is recognized by National Register of Historic Places for being the first 20th-century. Its 800 structures were primarily built between 1923 and 1943 and is of ultimate historical significance.

Visiting Florida can be a wonderful experience for travellers looking for variety in their trip. The place has a lot to offer and whatever your interests are, it holds something perfect for your preference.

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