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12 Cuisines You Must Try To Eat In San Francisco

Cuisines Must Be Devoured In San Francisco

So you have got your tickets booked to San Francisco and you are very much excited about your vacation. You are determined to make the most of it. You have done all the detailed research about the famous tourist destinations, the weather and all that you’ll be needing there. But aren’t you forgetting something?

There’s something which is an inseparable part of your everyday life which will definitely be a deciding factor whether you had a memorable time or not. We are talking about the FOOD!! You can’t afford to miss the famous cuisines if you are visiting San Francisco.

What Food Is San Francisco Known For?

Great question! Here we have a collection of foods you must eat in San Francisco:

1. Coffee Crunch Cake

It is a coffee flavored cake, which is light and spongy. With the whipped cream spread over it and coffee candy sprinkled over it, it can be a great option to try at breakfast.

2. Coconut Black Rice Pudding

Served with coconut milk and caramel, with a mixture of sesame, brown rice and peanuts on the top, this delicious Thai dessert has high nutritional value too.

Coconut Black Rice Pudding - must eat san francisco

3. Oboro Tofu

Soya products are not in the favorites list of many, but you need to give this a try. It is an unsweetened, white baked dish, dipped in soy milk. You can add toppings of your choice to enhance the flavor as per your desire.

4. The Korean Tacos

It is Korean marinated beef, with several filling options like tofu and chicken. In place of a tortilla, it uses more as a replacement.

The Korean Tacos - must eat san francisco

5. Russian Honey Cake

It is a 9-layer, slim cake, but has a huge treasure of taste. It seems that the layers have been soaked in caramelized honey. The layers are sandwiched together with honey butter cream.

6. Rossini

It is the most expensive sandwich in San Francisco, which is a reason good enough to try it once, to get to know what is special in this sandwich. It owes its high price due to the ingredients like – Kobe style Wagyu beef from Australia, foie Gras and a black truffle sauce.

7. Katsu Curry

It is deeply fried pork or chicken cutlet which is breaded and served with tonkatsu curry sauce. This dish has made Japacurry (mobile food restaurant) one of the best in the city.

8. Crispy Duck Salad

This dish requires a well seasoned duck to be fried till a perfect level of crispness. It is served along with pomegranate, shallots, pine nuts etc.

9. Spicy Lamb Skewers

It consists of thick pieces of lamb, properly mixed with Greek spices and then grilled. A simple dish, with not many ingredients, but requires great prowess in cooking.

10. Barbeque Pork Bun

These are either baked or steamed buns stuffed with pork, which can serve as a great breakfast or mid-afternoon meal.

11. Crunchy Octopus

It is a deliciously cooked octopus with a perfect level of meatiness and served with roasted peanuts, avocado and potato slices.

12. Salted Caramel Ice-Cream

Ice creams never require a description. They are always everyone’s favorite. This list would have been incomplete without the mention of this particular ice cream.

With this useful information about the famous cuisines of San Francisco, you won’t regret missing anything, once you are back from the vacation. So if you are planning to book a tour through private tours, San Francisco, then do not forget to gobble down these popular food items. Everybody will have vast knowledge to share when it comes to San Francisco full day city tour, but this piece of information is specially gathered for all the die hard fans of eating.

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