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5 Excellent Accommodations to Stay in Ibiza

Where to find the best place to stay in ibiza

Ibiza is a wonderful destination for travellers looking for a great travel experience. This island in the Mediterranean is in itself a wonder for night-party goers as the place is packed with young people, beach lovers, and accommodating locals, all-in-one exuberant nightlife.

Where to find the best place to stay in ibiza

Travellers who seek for superb entertainment will never be disappointed in Ibiza. People who loves music from trance, house, to electronic can enjoy it in the beachfronts, in the clubs where the people fill the place to party. The island is connoted to be the root of the rave, it is where Spain’s most famous clubs and bars can be found… And how can we forget the world’s best club, Space Ibiza!

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Best Place To Stay In Ibiza This Holiday

Enjoy the most of what Ibiza can offer! Here are 5 excellent resorts and hotels in Ibiza to stay and rest after a long night of partying.

1. El Hotel Pacha

The famous El Hotel Pacha is a luxurious boutique hotel in Ibiza with 55 rooms. It has a clean and sleek architecture painted in white and with multicolour lighting that serves the building’s lines. It features a modern and contemporary design that is ultimately visible in its interior.

El Hotel Pacha is also popular for its Pacha nightclub, its comforting Jacuzzi, the valet service and other high class accommodations to make their every guests extra special. Guests finds the breakfast they serve notably excellent

2. Hostal Talamanca

If you want a place of quiet in Ibiza, you get a good deal at Hostal Talamanca. It consists of 45 rooms with balconies that gives a spectacular view of the ocean while you dig in to a delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Amenities include a bar where you can have a glass of drink and enjoy the ambience, a restaurant to fill your gastronomic appetite, a swimming pool, and a free WiFi for all your net surfing needs.

Travellers credit Hostal Talamanca for its fantastic service. Since it is situated in a quieter place in Ibiza, it is a hotel perfect for tourists travelling with their family. Guests can also bring pets!

3. Can Pere Hotel Rural

Can Pere is a 19th century colonial house restored to a contemporary cottage. It is a lovely and peaceful place that gives the best of the both worlds for the travellers—an easy access to the beach and the city. There are only 12 rooms in Can Pere, each are designed with a touch of the old world tradition to give the feel of its colonial legacy. It includes a bar, free breakfast, free parking, an accessible restaurant, and swimming pool.

Most people who stayed in Can Pere commends the place for its tranquillity and its rural atmosphere being far from the crowds. Travellers who want to have a tranquil rest after a hyped nightlife can truly find it at Can Pere Hotel Rural.

4. RocaMar Hotel

Want to stay in a hotel that gives great value while not hurting your pocket? If you say yes, then get a reservation at RocaMar Hotel. It is a charming and quaint family-owned hostel that showcases a tantalizing view of the Botafoc Marina and is 2 minutes’ walk to Talamanca beach. With its breathtaking view being freely offered, you can simply stay in the terrace while delighting your taste buds with the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Rocamar Hotel is a perfect location if you want full access to the nightlife, beaches, cafes, and harbours in the area.

Tourists who stayed in RocaMar Hotel values the place for its super-friendly staff. The hotel also provides free WiFi and parking, free breakfast, and room service.

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5. Hotel Rural Can Pujolet

In the busy nightlife of Ibiza, there is a place for people who loves nature more than anything else. Can Pujolet offers the simplicity that ignites discovery of its unique attraction. A place for star gazers, and people who delights with the raw sound of nature with the crickets as you stargaze in the clear night sky.

More to the surrounding nature, Can Pujolet has excellent food and amazingly accommodating staff. Needless to say, Hotel Rural Can Pujolet is the Travelers’ Choice® 2014 Winner of travel online resource TripAdvisor.

Getting ready for Ibiza? Check these hotels and resorts out and pick the best to fit your travel needs and preferences. Enjoy your trip!

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