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Why Going On A Cruise Is Perfect For Your Family Vacation This Year

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There is not a person in the world that can say they don’t like traveling and seeing new and fun stuff. As a passionate traveler myself, I have been around the world on several occasions, visited many exotic and historic countries, but nothing amazed me more than having a cruise vacation. Believe it or not, being on a ship gives you more freedom and I would like to give you a few reasons why 2016 should be the year you are going on a cruise.

No Stagnation

Sometimes it is quite difficult to get the whole family to agree on visiting the same place. Some prefer getting tanned on the beach, some enjoy historical monuments and some don’t even care. If your family is like mine – indecisive – then going on a cruise is perfect for your family vacation this year.

By choosing an ideal luxury cruise you can tick off several destinations in just one vacation. Plus, everyone gets what they want. On the boat you can enjoy numerous activities appropriate for every taste and age, and off boat you get to visit magnificent towns and harbors filled with history and cultures.

Instead of exploring only one city, you get to see three, four or more of them and their unique and unusual cultures. And every time you pull back the curtains, you can see a different destination every day.

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Multigenerational Entertainment

When my family and I go on a cruise, we tend to go in big numbers (four of us and the parents of me and my spouse). With the four of them, and with our two children it seems impossible to get everybody entertained, but that is why we choose cruising.

There are numerous well organized daycares or some kid’s club where your toddlers can have all the fun they need, and you will get the chance to have some time for yourselves. For older generations there are various bars where your fathers can enjoy and lots of spas and shops for your mothers.

As for you and your spouse, there are many fun activities, but on the ship, you might want to have some time alone and rest. Plus, if you have grumpy teenagers on your hands, there are various corners for them, too, and what is a good thing alcohol policy is very strict on cruisers.

However, if you like having kids at your side, you can always keep them busy with some fun but educating games, such as online Sudoku game, fun quizzes about the places you are visiting or some problem solving tasks which will keep them quiet. Just make sure to have your phone and plenty of chargers.

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Opportunity to Disconnect

If you are planning the trip on your own, you need all the devices to orient yourself, find restaurants, restrooms and other necessary places. On a ship, it is a completely different story. You don’t have to plan anything – everything is already organized by the agency, and you just have to follow that plan; which gives you the liberty to leave your phone in the room.

Instead of wasting time on the social media, posting pictures and craving for likes, open your mind and eyes for new experiences. The pictures can wait. Turn off your and your spouse’s phone, and simply spend time together with your family. It could be tricky to detach your teenagers from their phones, but give it try. I was successful and they had the time of their lives.

Nobody has to know what you are eating, at what time you are getting up or going to bed, your only task is to enjoy the vacation. So equip yourselves with good cameras and leave phones behind and you will not regret it. Trust me.

 holiday cruise ships


I am not a people person, and it is difficult for me to make new friendships, but it is something about these cruises that just turns me into a completely new person. I don’t know if it is because of the fresh air or because of the fact that I cannot leave the boat and I’m stuck with these people, but I like making friends there.

My husband and I always find new, interesting people with whom we end up spending most of the time. And usually, we stay in touch them. Through new people you get to experience new things and even learn stuff.

On one of our trips, we met a marine biologist couple who gave us the insight of how beautiful the sea creatures are, and they even took us on a separate tour in one of the cities, where we could see animals we never knew they existed. Be open-minded and, believe me, you will not regret becoming a people person.

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As you can see, spending some time on a huge ship isn’t such a bad idea. You can never know what mysteries lay on those ships, and not to mention diverse and colorful coasts and harbors you can explore. Make a 2016 one hell of a year and make great memories on your first cruise.

About the author

Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography and author of several blogs. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.

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