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Get Wild in the Wildwoods! 4 Things to Experience New Jersey’s Favourite Beach


Do you want to experience a beach vacation like no other? Come to New Jersey and experience the excitement awaiting in the beautiful Wildwood. This 5-mile stretch of sparkling clean beach is one of the most popular vacation destination in the state and visiting it for family or romantic fun will definitely be worth it.

This wonderful beach community took off its popularity starting in the 1950s following the opening of the Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway. As these roads became busy, people came to notice the lovely beaches thus becoming a greatly visited summer resort. At present, many hotels in the area still exude the 50s look. Some of them may be tacky, but still are great places to visit, rediscover, and learn.

1. The Boardwalk

Wildwood - Boardwalk

Image Source: Commons.Wikimedia (Click on image for bigger size)

You will love to walk in the boardwalk. In its 2-mile stretch, you can find many things fun with all kinds of stores selling all kinds of stuff! Get a souvenir shirt, trinkets, games, junk food (a lot of them!), saltwater taffy, and go try some rides. If you find walking not so much fun, there are tram cars that will transport you from the end to the other. As a car approach, you will hear a recording saying “Watch the Tram Car, Please!” inviting you to flag down and hop in. You’ll love the ride.

2. The Beach

Visit Wildwoods

Image Source: Commons.Wikimedia (Click on image for bigger size)

The pristine waters of Wildwoods have no price tag, believe us for its spells a big F R E E. people who knows the Jersey Shore can say that the beaches are thin; however this is not the case with Woodlands. The beaches in this part of the state are regularly added with sand, complying with the tidal waters.

For people looking for an incredible beach adventure plus the crowds, the place is a must visit. The Woodland is also popular for beach sports such as surfing, kayaking, power boating, whale watching, and boogie boarding among others. There is no boring minute for the fun-seeker in the place. Enjoy the place, the sights, and the spectacular amusement parks that offers everyone a great time.

3. The Amenities


Image Source: Commons.Wikimedia (Click on image for bigger size)

The Wildwood is a complete package for every traveller looking for a one of a kind vacation. The place has everything to offer, and aside from the free beaches, you can also take advantage of affordable accommodations scattered on the place. Wildwood now welcomes visitors to its convention center built on along the beach and the many rides for the young and the young at heart on its piers.

Do not miss the Historic Cape May that cradles over 600 Victorian houses. It is only 4 miles to the South, and is an amazing destination to spend your time when you want to see something new apart from the boardwalk scenery. On the North is the Atlantic City that only requires a one hour travel, it offers a great view and ambience especially during the rainy season. Alternatively, if you want to get some fresh air and mingle with the zebras, giraffes, and some Bengal tigers, you can escape in Cape May County Park & Zoo.

4. When to Visit

You want to go to the Wildwoods during the months that it has the best weather. July and August is the best time to visit if you are after for the warmer waters. If you are visiting the state during the cold months, you don’t have to worry too, many hotels have outdoor heated pools that invites for a dip whenever you don’t feel like swimming in cold water.

The Wildwood is slowly changing as old buildings are being torn down to give way to new residential buildings. Preservationists however are doing their best to maintain the family-oriented theme that made the Wildwoods popular. Though the resort’s future is still unknown considering these future changes, the place still remain one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Jersey for a fun and meaningful vacation.

For now, leave your worries away, grab that beach towel and sunblock, and head over to the beautiful Wildwoods!

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