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Work and Study Abroad: Countries that Offer Scholarship Program for International Studies

Work and Study Abroad - University of Cambridge

You have the passion to travel, but you cannot simply sacrifice your study nor your work. You firmly believe in practicality and giving up your educational pursuits or your source of income are not an option. However, your desire to go to a different county and expand your horizon is a loud voice you cannot ignore. The good thing is, you have the option to combine them by looking for work and study abroad programs.

Working and studying abroad come with plenty of perks. It allows you to learn a new culture, learn a new language, increase your self-reliance, make new friends, and appreciate people despite the cultural differences. Like being a true traveler, an opportunity to work and study abroad can build your character to become a better individual.

Work and Study Abroad

Work and Study Abroad
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Some opportunities simply lie somewhere awaiting for us to find them. Many countries from all over the world even offer scholarship programs for deserving students who want to go for international studies. Listed below are three countries along with some work and study programs they offer:


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There are many scholarships and grants offered for students who are interested to work and study in Australia. Some are offered by the Australian government, educational institutions, and various private and public organizations. Here are some of the major scholarship programs offered in Australia for international students:

Australia Awards

Australia Awards offers international scholarships funded by the Australian government. The goal of the organization to is to hone future leaders by providing them an opportunity to study. Check for more information.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

If you love research, this may be the scholarship for you in Australia. The program allows students to study in Australia and gain useful experience with leaders in Australian research.

JASON (Joint Academic Scholarships Online Network)

JASON is a search engine for students looking for post-degree scholarship program abroad. It caters Australian students who want to study abroad and international students who want to study in Australia.

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United States

Studying in the United States require an F-1 or a student visa. There are myriad of universities in the country offering various scholarship programs and financial assistance especially for needy but deserving students. If your target country is the US, check the websites of AIFS Abroad, IES Abroad, and SIT Study Abroad for scholarship opportunities.

Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State and Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It offers funding for students, teachers, and professionals who plans to undertake graduate studies, advanced research, and teaching for elementary and secondary schools.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program provides professional enrichment for students from countries from all over the world. Students are selected for their potential leadership capabilities and their commitment for public service.

Click here for more scholarship options for students planning to work and study abroad in the US.

United Kingdom

Work and Study Abroad - University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge
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United Kingdom is one of the best countries for students looking for opportunity to study and work abroad. Some courses are offered by the British government and UK universities.

Chevening Scholarships

Supported by the British government for students who wishes to undertake post-graduate studies, Chevening Scholarships offer more than 1000 scholarships annually. Choose your institution in the UK, and choose your fields of study.  However, be reminded that the program is offered only to Chevening-eligible countries, so you have to check your country’s eligibility before applying. Visit the Official Scholarship website at

University Scholarships

You’ll never run out of universities in the UK offering programs for international students to plan to work and study abroad. Universities such as Cardiff University, University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham, University of Westminster, and a lot more awards scholarships for eligible students who want to study in the UK and pursue a full-time Master’s Degree.

Australia, UK and the US are just three of the countries that offer incredible opportunities for students who want to pursue a better educational attainment by storming the challenge of an international study. This may not be an easy feat, but with the availability of information, you can go over with all the options and choose what country you would like to travel and study with.

Before taking an application for a possible scholarship grant, take time to research about the country and the culture of the people. Who want to immerse and be part of their community and you experience the best of your study and travel if you can confidently mingle with the locals.

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