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12 Ways Not To Screw Up Your First Flight, And How You Can Enjoy The Ride

tips for your first flight

A big part of your life is your first time ever to ride an airplane. This is very exciting and at the same time you feel nervous because of worrying what may happen to you on immigration and during your flight.

Your first vacation in a very far place will become memorable to you and you will not do anything to ruin this right? Don’t be scared on your first flight. Here are the ways on how you can make your first flight a pleasant experience.

tips for your first flight

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1. Pack light and don’t bring more than 1-2 checked-in bags and 1 carry-on.

Check your travel itinerary and the weather so you will know what kind of clothes you will be bringing. Pack light and you can just shop for new clothes on your destination. If you think, you will shop for many items, upgrade you baggage allowance with your airline before your flight. Better to check this guide for packing tips. Updating your baggage allowance on the airport will be very expensive and at the same time, you will not be sure if on that moment, they can accommodate your request.

2. Check the latest rules

What must be checked-in? Are items you will be bringing belonged to the restricted items?

3. If you want a specific seat, get a seat reservation.

If you are booking a flight online, seat and insurance usually automatically selected. Get these so you will don’t have a hard time choosing a seat and become disappointed. Get an insurance so you will be compensated in case something bad has happened to you.

4. Confirm your flight again before you go out.

Who knows if flight’s cancelled due to unexpected circumstances or bad weather. Call your airline and re-confirm your flight schedule and ask if it isn’t cancelled.

first time flyer

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5. Avoid being offloaded

Before you go, check if you have all the documents with you including tickets and ID. Bring documents pertaining to your employment or a paper regarding your tax payment so you will be avoiding getting offloaded.

6. Don’t just bring cash, have another payment method

Cash is the best way to pay for goods and services abroad but your traveler’s checks and ATM so you can have cash in case of emergency and you can stop the release of funds for fraudulent transactions as soon as possible if you use checks. For credit cards, check if the store receives credit card as payment from several customers because if the store’s small and customers rarely use credit cards, there’s a chance that someone might steal your info. For bigger stores, be sure to check the credit card receipt details before signing it so you will not be surprised if the amount is not what you have transacted.

Convert only a few amount of cash in your country so you can use it immediately when you arrived at your destination’s airport. Then, you can have the rest converted at your most trusted money changers.

7. Eat before you go

Eat first before you go for your flight. You will have more concentration and you will feel well if you do this. Bring snacks and medicines with you inside the plane.

8. Come to airport 2-3 hours before your flight.

You have to be early so you will be cool waiting in long lines at check-in counters, pay for travel taxes and going to the gates. You will not forget everything if you will remain calm and cool.


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9. Be attentive while waiting for your flight

You can use your electronic devices and guard your belongings while waiting but using your headsets and sleeping are strongly not advised one hour before the time of departure because you may not know if there’s something wrong with the flight schedule. Worst, you are waiting for the wrong gate or if you were left behind the flight. As possible use a pocket WiFi or your own mobile data so hackers wouldn’t be able to steal important information. If you don’t have these, just browse travel websites and emails not containing your sensitive information.

10. Drink plenty of water and beat jet lag

Drink plenty so you can beat dehydration. No alcoholic drinks please. Try to exercise in the plane such as stretching your arms, arm lifting using your bag or magazines, standing a bit, rotating shoulders and head bending.  Sleep if you are having a long flight.

11. Upon arrival, prepare your passport and go first to the shortest line.

Keep a copy of your ticket and boarding pass, head straight to the immigration so you can get your checked-in baggage and get out of the airport as soon as possible.

12. Get a safe transportation going to the hotel.

Ask your hotel for a pick-up or get to know the safest and affordable transportation before you go for a flight. You can also use the airport’s Wi-Fi or your own internet to search for these.

Hooray for your first flight and vacation overseas! You have completed your first air travel. Good luck and be happy on your vacation!

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