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4 Ways to Eat Well and Healthy While Travelling, And It’s Affordable Too

Ways to eat healthy when you travel
Ways to eat healthy when you travel

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Eating meals are included in enjoying your vacation trip. Aside from budgeting your food expenses for the trip, you want to consider eating healthy meals. Here are the tips to affordable and healthy eating.

1. Get a breakfast buffet meal

Instead of grabbing pastries, junk foods and other foods that are too high in sugar, go to a buffet and choose foods for a balanced meal. Too much sugar will make you crave more for food within a short time. Hotels usually offer free complimentary breakfast. The buffet will surely have good and delicious foods like bread, waffles, pancakes, cereals, milk, fruits and more.

You can drink juices and add hot-dogs, bacon or sausages to your breakfast meal. By doing this, you will have an energetic meal. You can choose to eat in a restaurant but be sure that the healthy meal you choose will make you feel full so you can continue with your morning routine.

2. Pack your lunch

Since you are travelling, it does not necessarily mean you will cook your meals (unless if you are staying in a vacation house) and pack these to your travel. What it means is you can buy sandwiches or any meals in the groceries and take these with you so you can eat these during your travel on the middle of the road.

It will be best if your main meal has lots of calories so you will have energy during your activities and burn these off. Some places offer affordable than usual lunch meals until a certain time period.

Go to the local vegetable farm for cheaper salads. Vegetable and fruit salads can be the best meal you can eat with meat tidbits, croutons and vinegar or other organic ingredient as seasoning. You may opt to ask the waiter for local meals and its ingredients so you will know if you can eat this or you can have a special request for your order.

Having a small dessert or a cup of tea as finale to your big meal will be great.


3. Eat remaining snacks in your bag

pack lunch while travelling

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Do you really need to stop and buy another snack? Having a stopover and buying foods can be a great idea to enjoy your journey but you do not need to do this if you already have snacks in your bag. Aside from that, you are just spending on very high priced items along tour routes than in any other places.

If you have eaten all the snacks, drop at a grocery, buy raisins, nuts, dried fruits, boiled celery if available and crackers. After that, you can continue your journey.

4. Eat your dinner light and right

Night time comes and you should eat light and right. Aside from keeping your waistline, you will get a good night’s sleep. Assuming that you already include your food for dinner on your shopping to save more of your budget, just eat light meals that will also make you full faster like eating sandwiches, fruits and desserts. Eating chips is not recommended because you will end up eating more instead of eating light. More snacks means more money to spend.

Make use of hotel fridge and microwave so you can make your own dinner and spend your remaining vacation budget on something else.

This simple tips prove that you can save and at the same time eat healthy and well balanced meals. Even if you are just staying in your home, it is still better to practice this (except no. 1 since you can just cook at home) so you will live healthier.

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