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5 Wondrous Places to Leave You Inspired When You Visit Chicago

Visit Chicago - Downtown River

Thinking of cool places to spend a wonderful summer getaway in Chicago? Get ready and plan your trip in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Visit Chicago - Downtown River

Chicago, Downtown River

Chicago, nicknamed as the Windy City is the third most populous state in the USA following Los Angeles and New York. Its vast metropolitan area is a primary attraction for tourist from all over the world, hosting 46.37 million local and international visitors back in 2012. Though the Chicago showcases the best of the modernism, there are places where tourists can experience cultural explorations. There are more than 40 museums in the state, two first-rate conservatories, over 7,000 restaurants, top notch hotels, and shopping centers to delight the shopaholic in you.

Regardless of what you planned or how much budget you prepared for an exciting Chicago trip, there is a variety of places to visit in Chicago. Want to know the landmarks you shouldn’t miss?

5 Fun and Cool Places To Go To When You’re In Chicago

1. Millennium Park

Chicago Attractions - Millenium Park

Millenium Park, Chicago

Millennium Park is a spectacular spot in the heart of Chicago. It is one of the most popular destinations in the State visited by Chicagoans and travellers alike. If you want to marvel with Chicago’s architectural splendor, Millennium Park will never disappoint. In the park’s AT&T Plaza, you can find the famous stainless steel bean-like sculpture, the Cloud Gate which is also nicknamed “The Bean.”

Millennium Park also hosts family festivals, and variety of free events and exhibits.

2. Navy Pier

A historical landmark in the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is a main attraction for superb entertainment options. If you are visiting Chicago with your family, the Navy Pier is a must visit. It is popular for its gigantic Ferris wheel that is ultimately visible as you enter the area. There are also awesome rides in the pier park, including a musical carousel, light tower, and swing ride.

As a historical landmark, Navy Pier greatly evolved to what it is today since its construction in 1914. Its various uses had been a commercial and entertainment pier, a navy training center, and a college classroom, until it became a public gathering place.

3. Willis Tower

Places to Visit in Chicago - Willis (Sears) Tower

Willis Tower (Previously Sears)

Wanted to spend a romantic sight-seeing experience with your loved one? Get the feel of being at the top of the world by visiting Chicago’s most popular skyline.

Willis Tower, once known as Sears Tower, is the second tallest skyscraper in the U.S and is eighth tallest building in the world. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chicago where tourists often flock on its observation deck to experience the amazing view of the city. In a clear day, visitors can catch the chance to glimpse at the sightlines of Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

4. Field Museum of Natural History

You cannot complete your Chicago travel without visiting the Field Museum of Natural History. Chicago is famed for its splendid museums, and they are considered as primary Chicago tourist attraction.

There are permanent exhibitions in the museum to delight the nature and art lover in you. From animal exhibitions, nature dioramas, large collection of diamonds and gems, and DNA discovery centers where visitors can watch scientists extract DNA from organisms, the Field Museum of Natural History is the ultimate educational stop in the city.

5. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field await sports enthusiasts travelling Chicago. It is a baseball stadium that is also home to the state’s professional baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

Tourists can make the most of their visit by taking guided tours in the stadium. There are daily tours, VIP tours, and group tours to fit every budget. Whether you want to go to the place to watch a game or simply want to enjoy the space without the clamoring audiences, Wrigley Field is a perfect getaway for the family.

For some travelers who are traveling on a budget, going to Chicago may be intimidating considering its top of the line spots. However, there still are options to enjoy the place without spending a fortune. The key is preparing for your trip well. Like any travel destination, there are value packages, cheap flights, and value hotels in Chicago. Do your research well, there are even amazing restaurants in the area for the budget-conscious traveler!

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