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5 Things to Learn and Try for a Memorable Safari Vacation

Giraffe - Safari Trip

Safari vacation is one of a kind trip if you are an animal lover. Experiencing the wild under the afternoon sun in a scenic African plain where you can see different wild animals like lions, tigers, wild beasts and more is truly perfect for kids and adult alike. If your preference in a travel is an adventure, a safari vacation is one of a kind experience that will allow you to enjoy nature and its creatures at its finest.

Elephants in Tanzania - Safari Vacation

Elephants in Tanzania
Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

If you think safari vacation is simply all about watching wild animals, touring the grassy plains, and stalking the lions and the zebras in your heart’s content, well there is more you can do. Many countries offering safari trio in their wildlife sanctuary also provide camping and other adventure opportunities to delight you and your family.

If it is your first time to get into a safari vacation. Make it a memorable experience! We listed 5 things to learn and try for a one of a lifetime getaway.

1. Ride a Bus in Your Safari Sightseeing

If you are going into a safari vacation, expect that there are jeep or bus tours that will allow you to have a secure ride while filling your eyes with lovely sightings of wild animals. A bus for a safari ride is enclosed with hard grills just in case animals like lions and tigers will come close. It is not a secret that creatures of the wild are mostly sensitive of people’s presence, and some of them are carnivores that can be extremely dangerous.

2. Experience the Walking Safari

Giraffe - Safari Trip

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

There is also another way of exploring the wilds—the walking safari. Walking safari is a great way to enjoy your safari vacation on foot! This experience is a relaxing one as you can bring the entire family while you take a walk and watching friendly animals like birds. In a walking safari, you can come closer with the animals and take pictures of them.

Tourists are usually accompanied by a tour guide for the rest of the walking trip. Listen carefully to them as they discuss the ecosystem and as they talk about interesting insects and plants. If you bring kids in a walking tour, watch them keenly, it is very easy to get lost in the plains of the place.

3. Safari in Africa

Lion - Safari Vacation in Africa

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

Looking for an ultimate safari adventure? You will never go wrong with Africa! The country is widely known for its wide plains and thousands of species of animals, not to mention that their national parks are preserving the wildlife’s habitat to secure their existence.

Also, Africa is country that boasts rich culture and traditions, go and meet an African tribe in the area you will be visiting. Many African people are hospitable with tourists and it will surely be a memorable experience for you to try the unique way of life in a tribe.

South Africa alone offers more than a hundred of activities to participate with aside from a safari vacation. Hiking and zoo camping are also popular in the place. It could be beneficial to make the most of your trip by setting along vacation time in Africa. With the wonderful plains and savannahs in the country, it could be hard to finish your vacation in days.

4. Best Time for a Safari Vacation

The best time to go for a safari vacation is between late May and the end of October. It is the time where the Great Migration in East Africa takes place, so the sightings are spectacular. During the period you can witness large grass-eating mammals and the predators that kills them. There are about 2 million wildebeests and zebras running all over the savannahs.

5. Safari Clothing Preparations to Consider

You will need a good preparation to ensure your safari vacation will be of less hassle. Bring a comfortable heavy duty shoes as it is greatly necessary. Remember that a safari vacation requires lots of walking so it is a must that you are good on your footwear.

Wearing of earth-toned clothes is suggested by safari tour experts. Avoid wearing dark blue or black clothes as it attracts disease carrying flies. Breathable cotton clothes is best when visiting tropical places. Hats is preferable to avoid the high noon’s heat.

So are you ready for an unforgotten safari vacation? A wild escape from the busy city will give you beautiful stories to tell! Plan your safari vacation today and enjoy!

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