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5 Things to See and Do in Bundi Rajasthan

Dabhai Kund Bundi

Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India with its gigantic forts and lavish palaces. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday here, far from the maddening tourist crowd, be at Bundi. This small town of Rajasthan is located at the foothills of a large mountain while a beautiful lake flows through it. Some of the must do activities at Bundi include:

#1. Explore Heritage of History

Even if you are not a history lover, you will love to explore the forts and palaces of Bundi. The Taragarh Fort is the most important monument of the place. This 14th century fort had a large battle ground within it, known as Bhim Burj. The huge cannon of the fort represent the ancient style of battles while the water reservoir attracts tourists with its single rock cut architecture.

Taragarh Fort Bundi

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri is a must visit to check out the innovations of Rajput architecture. This two storey building is standing on 84 strong pillars and also bears a beautiful story behind its construction. The monument is not dedicated to any monarch but to a wet nurse of Rao Anirudh Singh as a tribute for her love and care towards the king when he was a kid.

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri

Ratan Daulat exhibits the chivalry of the Rajput clan. This royal stable has 9 horses standing in front of intricately carved coaches. The Hatia Pol is another attraction of the site.

#2. Rejuvenate your Stressed Mind

Bundi has several step wells built by the kings. The Dabhai Kund is the largest of the lot, with numerous steps and deep water. Prithviraj Chauhan built this exquisitely decorated well.

Dabhai Kund Bundi

The Jait Sagar Lake is an apt place to spend some special moments with your loved one. Surrounded with mountains on all sides, the place is splendid; the fountain show at night enhances the beauty of the place.

Nawal Sagar Lake

Nawal Sagar Lake

The Nawal Sagar Lake in Bundi is spectacular. As you stand on the banks of the lake, you can see the whole city as reflections over the mirrored water. Prayers come from deep inside the heart at the shrine of Lord Varuna, located at the middle of the lake. Enjoy a boat ride which is required to reach the temple.

#3. Experience the Luxury

Braj Bhushan Ki Haveli

The Braj Bhushan Ki Haveli takes you back in time when Rajasthan was known for its lavishness. This Haveli is a palatial residence which has been turned into a premium hotel. Live a life of royalty here, with classic ambience and world class facilities. The rooms are decorated with Rajasthani artefacts and rich paintings of Rajasthan.

#4. Excursions from Nearby Attractions

Bundi is surrounded by several small towns, which are treasures of Rajasthani culture and history. Your first round of excursion may include Bijolia. Popularly known as the Temple City, the serenity of the place lies in its ancient temples. While the Hajaresvara Mahadeva Temple is special with its large Shiva Lingum encircled with numerous small lingums, the Undesear Mahadeva and Mahakal shrines depict the religious life that existed during the era of the Chauhans. Locals believe that the waters of the Mandakini Kund are divine and a bath in it can wash away all sins.

Witness the real Rajasthani life at Jhalawar. The rustic life of the villages, the ruins of old forts and the scenic beauty make this place immemorial.

#5. What to Eat In Bundi

If you love Indian foods, this is your chance to enjoy some of the most tasting and lip smacking dishes of Rajasthan at Bundi. After a spicy lunch of chapatis with laal Maas and safed Maas, daal bati churma is there to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bundi offers an extraordinary holiday in Rajasthan to tourists with its serenity and history.

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