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8 Hotel Amenities You Want Most That Luxurious Hotels Do Not Have

hotel amenities
hotel amenities

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Booking in a luxurious 4 or 5 star hotel is the grandest vacation you will ever have in the city. For travelling and going to tourist destinations, a decent hotel giving you your basic needs is the staying place you will surely be looking for. Actually, it is better to stay on cheap hotels and hostels because of amenities and benefits that are not present in luxurious and high end hotels. These hotels may have these perks but they will charge you a very expensive amount. Just stick to cheaper ones and have these wonderful amenities.

1. Complimentary coffee

Whether it’s in-room or on the common area, you will be alive if you will drink a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate. Luxurious hotels will give you free powdered drink sachets and freewill to use in-room coffee making facilities but if there is no sachet left, you have to buy these from the hotel’s mini bar or you have to go outside to buy same items with cheaper prices.

Note about luxury hotels: Since there are no hidden cameras inside the room, there are stories that some lazy people are drinking refreshments inside the mini fridge. Since these refreshments are so expensive and have no tags, they will just replace the same refreshments with the ones they will buy on convenience stores and groceries. It’s up to you and your conscience if you want to do this. This article is just sharing you and the hotel staff more information.

2. Complimentary parking

Travelers usually don’t travel with their own cars while locals usually do. The majority of vacationers don’t need a valet parking. What is good in cheap accommodations is they do not charge you parking or if they do, they will just charge you very low parking fees than in 4 or 5 star hotels.

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3. Free Wi-Fi

This is probably the one you are looking for! Even one hour of free internet access is very important like finding an oasis inside the desert. Cheap hotels and hostels offer unlimited use of free Wi-Fi. You can also have Wi-Fi access inside your hotel room. It’s ridiculous to pay per hour or day of Wi-Fi where you are already checked-in inside the hotel. If you are still staying on an expensive hotel, just go outside and search for cafes offering free Wi-Fi.

4. Complimentary breakfast

At least, you can eat your breakfast the next day without thinking where and what to eat because either your breakfast is already included on your hotel booking or it is totally free. The hotel will prepare this for you. Just sit there, chat and eat.

5. Microwave oven

You can buy foods on your own and heat these with the help of a microwave oven. Some hostels offer stoves for you to cook your own meals. The best news is, you saved a lot!

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6. Mini library and Kid’s area

In 5 star hotels, you have to ask for special services for tourist information. You have to give tips for the bellboy and other staff you have received services with. It will be awkward if you will don’t give even small tips.

In lodges, hostels and cheap hotels, you’ll just look on the posted maps, search in their mini library, use the computer there and ask the front desk. Some have small playground area for kids. They will surely enjoy this area and you will be happy because you don’t have to spend more buying your children’s wants or paying playground park entrance fees.

7. Beach chairs and umbrellas

Luxurious resorts charge you per use of these items. If you book on simple resorts, these are considered complimentary or included on your accommodation.

8. Extended Stay

It does not hurt to ask the front desk officer or owner if you can stay a little longer. If they say yes, you don’t have to wake up earlier to check out and leave your things on a concierge until an hour or two before your flight departure.

Staying in simple hotels is overall a great experience. They offer these amenities because they want you to stay longer and recommend this to your friends. You’ll just have to know what you are looking for in a cheap accommodation and by doing this, you will have a satisfying experience.

What do you think is the hotel amenity you are looking for most? Comment and Share with us!

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