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8 Ways To Beat Out Your Baggage Fees And Avoid Paying This At All Costs

baggage allowance

Baggage Allowance is one of the most unforgettable things to remember whenever you are booking for a flight. Billions of dollars are spent on baggage fees every year meaning people are spending more on baggage whereas it can be avoided by following this guide. Try to avoid paying baggage fees or allowance at all costs, spend less and enjoy your travel packing more.

baggage allowance

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1. Choose an airline with free baggage allowance

Switch airlines when you can spot the ones that offer free baggage allowance. Some airlines allow passengers to check-in 1-2 bags free of charge.

2. Try to pack light first

Plan your itinerary and make a list about things and clothes that you will bring. You can also refer to this post for more genius wardrobe packing tips. Also, know the season of your destination so you will focus more on packing your clothes for the activities and weather or climate. If the hotel offers free toiletries, just bring your own facial wash, micro-fiber towel and a bed sheet or blanket.

3. Choose a light-weight bag and use a luggage scale

Don’t put anything in your bag yet! Test your bag by lifting it and weighing it on the luggage scale. If it’s too heavy, consider using a lighter bag. If you don’t have a luggage scale, you can use a bathroom scale. Having this will give you a relief upon checking in at the airport.

4. Check the size and weight of your carry-on bag

Know your airline policy and the allowable carry-on bag weight and size. You have to do this so you’ll not become surprised upon check-in. Since you want to save baggage costs, you’ll have a hard time re-arranging your baggage within a short time inside the airport.

5. Try to ship your bags

If you are on a long vacation or business trip, there’s a good chance that you can save costs by shipping these bags through a courier overnight or the next day.

6. Grab credit card or airline promos

If you have a credit card and joined a frequent flyer program, you will be lucky that waiving airline baggage fees is one of your benefits. Also, you may choose a discounted airline and baggage might be cheaper if you compare the overall costs of your flight versus the costs of flying with bigger airlines.

baggage fees

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7. Look for substitutes

Instead of bringing several books, just bring a tablet. Use a netbook instead of a laptop. Aside from packing clothes light, bring a plain colored jacket instead of several sweaters. Pack colored pants or leggings instead of jeans. Ready your small first aid kit instead of a complete set. Bring a small bottled perfume instead of a big one. Pack a microfiber cloth instead of an ordinary towel.

8. Upgrade your baggage early

If do you think you’ll bring lots of goods back home and you have done your best to follow the instructions above, it is best to upgrade your baggage allowance 4 hours or earlier before your flight because having an upgrade later will be expensive. Aside from that, it’s a waste of money considering the difference is the time you had your upgrade.

Aside from these tips, you can also ask for advice from frequent travelers. Paying baggage allowance can be avoided if you’ll just bring 1-2 carry-on bags but if you are travelling for a long time or will bring something back home, you can spend less by taking advantage of promos, frequent flyer programs and discounts. Packing light and substituting some things can save you a lot.

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