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5 Best Things To See and Do In Puerto Rico For Your Ultimate Adventure

Puerto Rico Best Vacation Spots, Attractions and Places To Go To

Do you want an enjoyable and fascinating adventure? So here it is, coming to Puerto Rico is one of the finest because of its amazing vacation spots. Try to add and visit these 5 famous places in your list and start the beautiful journey Puerto Rico has to offer.

Visit Puerto Rico! The 5 Best Places

Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Best Vacation Spots: Attractions and Places That You Don’t Want To Miss

1. Camuy River Cave Park

Starting your trip is taking a tram ride down a 180 foot high cave. This National Park is a cave system surrounded by natural beauty, the stalactites and stalagmites hanging in its walls like a natural light within the cave of its subterranean river. This cave has a plenty of wildlife like crabs, bats and tarantulas. The inside part of this cave is muddy wet but fresh water overflows in it.

Your trip is best experienced with a good weather. Try to check an updated weather forecast before going to this memorable park adventure.

2. Bioluminescent Bay

Be enthralled in the Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay. This astonishing bay is a home to water micro-organisms that “lights up” when disturbed, producing a beautiful display on the water. This is a top attraction in the country and provides a really fantastic sight.

Plan a kayaking on the bay during a moonless night and you will see a colorful glow in the water. There are many tours offering kayaking trips so you only have to do is schedule and enjoy it! And of, if you are not up for kayaking, you can also go for a night walk with a friend on the beach. Even the bay’s shore light up so you could get a breath of fresh air while enjoying the sight.

3. Arecibo Observatory

Visit Puerto Rico - Arecibo Observatory

Arecibo Observatory

A radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, it is famed for being the world’s largest single-aperture telescope in the world. A tour in the place is not only fun with amazing scenery to boast, it is also educational with scientists around the globe use the gigantic telescope to check on the universe.

Do not leave Puerto Rico without taking a glimpse of the observatory. It is guaranteed to be a spectacular attraction especially for lovers of science.

4. Mayaguez Zoo

If you are an animal lover or you simply want to bring the whole family into an unforgettable wildlife adventure, the Mayaguez Zoo is definitely a place to go. Mayaguez is the only animal sanctuary in the archipelago and it is divided in two; the African forest and the African savannah.

The zoo is a major tourist attraction with sightings of elephants, tigers, hippos, giraffe and exotic birds as it is also a bird sanctuary.

5. Museo de Arte de Ponce

Established in 1959, this museum located in Ponce, Puerto Rico is an ultimate must-see. It is home to the largest art collection of Caribbean pictures and sculptures, and is also the biggest museum in the Caribbean. The collection of artworks is considered to be the most important in the European and Latin American art. There are over 4,000 art pieces that range from the 14th to the 20th century pre-Raphaelite, Baroque, contemporary Latin-American art, and Spanish Golden Age.

Come to see the extravagant artworks and the splendid interior of the museum, all in an affordable. The museum is near Ponce’s city plaza, it will only take a short walk to get there.

Puerto Rico Best Vacation Spots,  Attractions and Places To Go To

When to Go in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tropical country, and its rainy season starts from April and ends in November. If you want to visit the country with a clear skies with a high temperature perfect to get a gorgeous tan, the archipelago is hottest in the month of August. However, the perfect time to visit Puerto Rico is from from mid-April to June. It is the time after the peak winter wherein hotels charge the highest.

Winter brings the best weather in the island, so it is when tourists flock in. You can also go and enjoy the place during this season that starts from mid-December to mid-April. However, be reminded that it is not best if you prefer a budget travel.

Planning Your Vacation in Puerto Rico

Planning your Puerto Rico adventure could be easy as pie if you prepare right. It is a popular and hassle-free tourist destination for US tourists so if you got your travel documents ready, it will not much of a burden to get an accommodation or schedule a flight. Check our other tips for more information on travel planning to make your trip easy as pie.

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