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Guide To Visit The Grand Canyon For Foreign Travelers

grand canyon travel guide

If you’re planning on visiting the US, then there is one place that is a must-go for every foreigner- The Grand Canyon. You want to make sure that you enjoy the full experience of your trip to the US, and this location will surely make things better. Let’s look at all the details you need to know when planning your trip to the Grand Canyon as a foreign traveler.

How To Get To Grand Canyon?

Getting to the Grand Canyon mainly requires you to get access to the US. So, you will need a visa to be able to get to this location. With the current situation, getting access to the visa has become much simpler with the advent of the US ESTA. This is an online method of getting yourself the US visa and heading to the Grand Canyon to enjoy your trip. There are more details when it comes to the US ESTA.


You can apply for the US ESTA through an online application. All you need to do is make sure that you add all the relevant information that the form asks and submit it through the right channel. Throughout the process, you want to make sure that your details are accurately mentioned in the form. More than that, you will need to ensure that the details match those on your passport.

For your US ESTA, you will need to make sure that you put in the relevant information, such as the following:

·         Home address

·         Phone number

·         National ID

·         Passport details

There are a few more details, such as the US point of contact and employed details, but these are only relevant for certain people. Once you complete your online application and send it for approval, you get the answer through your email.

Through this, you only get one type of visa, which is the US ESTA. It is valid for up to two years, and you get to stay for about 90 days tops using this visa. The best thing about this is that you get to come in and go multiple times. So, you get access to multiple entries.

One thing to note is that the US ESTA visa cost amounts to about $14. This is relatively cheaper than other older methods of attaining the visa. More than that, you get to carries out a range of activities while you’re staying in the US and visiting the Grand Canyon. These including the following activities:

·         Holiday visit

·         Business visit

·         Meetup with friends/ family

·         Sightseeing

Once you cover the ESTA visa cost and receive the approval, you can easily go on to make sure that you visit the country and see the Grand Canyon with your own eyes. One thing that you need to note is that your details need to be completely accurate throughout the process. Otherwise, there will be a possibility that you aren’t able to attain the visa based on inaccurate information.

Covid-19 Precautions- Tourist Visit To The Grand Canyon

With the advent of the pandemic, a range of new precautions are in place when it comes to visitors coming for a visit to the Grand Canyon. This means that the regular activities that happened before will surely be impacted. Some of the more prominent regulations put forward include the following:

·         Wearing face masks in all common areas, including the lodges, gift shops, and more

·         Maintaining 6-feet distance throughout the visit

·         Masks are to cover the nose and mouth snuggle, with no gaps around

·         Locations, such as the Mather Point, Hopi Point, Visitor Center Plaza, and more might not be accessible

·         All SOPs are to be strictly followed

You should be prepared that everything in the park will not be open for you. This has more to do with the fact that these locations do not allow the maintenance of a 6-feet distance from person to person. More than that, there is also a high possibility that close by accommodations might not be open for visitors either. While there are strict laws and precautions in place because of Covid-19, you can still have a good time at the Grand Canyon, following all of the SOPs.

Roads, Entrance Fees, And Closures

You can get access to the Grand Canyon National Park through the North and South Rim. It isn’t difficult to get inside of the park, but you might need to check in what services are available for you to make use of given the current situations. The roads are open to visitors while following strict SOPs throughout.

There are a few costs associated with your visit to the Grand Canyon National Park. Depending on your mode of travel, you will need to purchase a permit for yourself. This includes a vehicle, motorcycle, individual, non-commercial groups, and commercial tour permits. Each of the costs varies when it comes to this.

The price for a vehicle permit is about $35, a motorcycle permit is about $30, while an individual permit is $20 per person. When it comes to the tours for non-commercial and commercial groups, you must know that the pricing for this varies, depending on the number of people joining, and more.

When looking at the closures, you will find that during the busy season, the East Entrance is closed. Instead of using this, you should make use of the South Rim. The North Rim also remains closed till May 15, 2021. Along with this, the Hermit Road is not accessible through private vehicles till November 2021. As you enter through the East Entrance, you will need to make the payment at the entrance.

Shuttle Bus Service

Three main shuttle bus routes are operating amidst the pandemic. These include the Hiker’s Express Shuttle, Eastbound Kaibab Rim, and Hermit Road. Make use of these for the meanwhile as the other shuttle bus services are closed down. So, don’t go for the Village, Westbound Kaibab Rim, and Tusayan. The shuttle bus service that you get is for free and is included in the cost of the entrance.

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