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Holiday Essentials: What Every Hijabi Should Take On a One-Week Trip

hijabi on the beach

When traveling, knowing the right tricks and hacks is crucial, as I learned myself during my recent tours. To be honest, up till a few months back I was the kind of person who would pack EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink, even when leaving for just a weekend getaway. And then later I would sulk about the extra baggage and lack of space for the things I’d buy. If you too have gone through such travel stress then I’m sure you will find the list of “must-takes” extremely handy in the upcoming vacation season.

1. Nude Coloured Lightweight Hijabs

I’m pretty sure none of you like to pack extra luggage. In fact, if you are a shopaholic like me, then the best strategy is to keep your bags half full when you leave home so you have loads of space to bring souvenirs back. For such minimalist packing, you’ll need some cool nude coloured and lightweight hijabs that will go with almost all your outfits. For a 7-8 days long trip, I would recommend that you go for two nude colour and one printed hijab which can go with all your outfits. If you’re going somewhere warm then go for hijabs or undercaps that are made of hundred percent cotton as they’ll keep you cooler.

2. Burkini

A huge range of modest swimwear is now available in stores and even online, so if you plan on hitting the beach or a pool on your vacation then the burkini and flip-flops are a must.

3. Hijab Accessories

Don’t forget to pack a good amount of safety pins or hijab pins, especially if you tend to lose them. You can also take a few head accessories but remember not to overdo it.

4. Prayer Mats

Since you’ll probably be spending most of your time outdoors on a one week trip, a pocket sized prayer mat would come in extremely handy. Look for a small sized and lightweight one that you can easily carry in your bag all day long and pray at any place you find appropriate.

5. Compass

Many of us are not completely satisfied with the Qibla directions provided by mobile apps. And even if we are, it’s never a bad idea to double check with a compass.

6. Handbags

Handbags of course are a girl’s best friend during any trip. It’s always a good idea to leave your home with one of the big purses which can be worn both as a cross-body bag and through the handles. You can fit in all your essentials like camera, phone, wallet, etc in this bag. But for more convenience also take along a small cross-body bag. This bag can be used to hold your phone and wallet on days when you will be walking a lot and don’t feel like carrying extra weight.

7. Clothing

clothing for hijabi Once again, I would remind you to go for minimalist packing and taking only what you need. For a one week trip, it’s more than enough if you pack two shirts, a jacket (for cooler places only), a nice maxi dress, a skirt, one trouser/pants/jeans, one night-suit, four pairs of underwear and socks and two pairs of shoes. When it comes to shoes, I always carry one pair of sneakers or joggers to keep my feet comfortable during the long hours of walking and shopping. For dinners and other formal places, you can keep a pair of heels or other formal shoes, depending on your taste. Lastly, never buy new shoes to take with you for the trip, rather, take the ones that you know your feet are comfortable with to avoid any trouble.

8. Abaya

If you wear abayas then you can cut down the clothing items listed above and just keep two to three abayas instead.

Now that I have covered almost all the hijabi essentials, here’s a small checklist of other things that you’ll need on the trip:

  • Toiletries
  • Medicines
  • Make-up (don’t forget a lip-balm, cleanser and make-up wipes)
  • International adapter
  • Passport holder
  • Sunglasses
  • Laundry bag

With all that being said, at least one week before the trip, plan all your outfits and the hijabs you’ll wear with them. Once this is done, start making a check-list of things you want to take with you so nothing gets left behind. That’s all from my side, if you feel there’s anything else that should be a part of this list, then do let us know in the comments.
Happy Travelling!

Author Bio

Sarah is a keen traveller always eager to discover and rediscover the beauty of the world. She tries to stay productive wherever she goes. Ever since she turned her passion into a profession, she’s been a proud stylist and fashion consultant at Modanisa where she happily shares her ideas on diverse hijab styles.

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