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The Story Of Globetrotter Delightful Wines of Australia

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grapesWhen it comes to exploring Australia, there is one thing you definitely should not miss – its delightful wines. The Land Down Under is home to some of the most delightful national parks in the world and there is so much to see including the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. When you opt for visiting this splendid destination you will easily embark on activities such as surfing and stand up paddle boarding, but you should by all means go for the wines of Australia.

Australia is one of the largest wine exporters in the world. Due to sun-kissed areas, there are a lot of vineyards to visit all over the country, wherever you feel like going.

Visit Margaret River

Those of you who are fond of wines should definitely go to Margaret River which offers breathtaking scenery and delicious wine. The marvellous vineyards serve some of the best wines you will ever get the chance to taste. Visit Brookland Valley with the exemplary wine quality and stroll among sun-kissed vineyards. Fans of Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot should visit Cullen Wines and discover the tasty wine they offer. Whichever vineyard you opt to see you should definitely choose you should try Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

The Yarra Valley is the place to go

With more than 80 wineries, the magnificent Yarra Valley is the place to see in Australia. Established in 1838, it was the first planted wine region in Victoria. Apart from delicious wine you will have the unique opportunity to taste salmon, trout and caviar along with organic vegetable. There are a lot of wine trails to follow so you can have a fun day out exploring vineyards. Punt Road Winery is the place to see as there will be a lot of spots to have a picnic and enjoy a glass of wonderful wine. TerraWarra Estate is picture perfect and everyone fond of stunning scenery will love it. The region is well-known as the home to Australia’s finest Pinot Noir so be sure to try it out.

Check out Barossa Valley

There are approximately 180 wineries in Barossa Valley. If you are looking for an active holiday, you could rent a bike and explore the picturesque region by following wine trails. This region is home to the world famous Jacob’s Creek you absolutely need to see. Penfolds and Seppeltsfield are other vineyards worth seeing. You should visit this region in August when there is the Barossa Gourmet Weekend and see the melting pot of wine connoisseurs at its best.

Get enchanted by McLaren Vale

bike in wine farmMcLaren Vale is the place to see if you are looking for boutique-sized wineries. The cosy surroundings will make you feel more than welcome and the locals will be willing to meet you and share their organic products with you. Be sure to try their cheese and taste merlot with it and see why everyone is so mad about the combination.

If you are visiting Australia, you will have to set some time apart to explore the numerous picturesque vineyards and wineries. Apart from tasting delicious wines, you will have the opportunity to taste some organic food, have an active holiday walking or cycling across the region and meet the friendly locals.

About the author:

Arron is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and a fashion newcomer who loves upcycled pieces  He just loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations. When he’s making a get-together with his friends, as a wine expert, he thinks the store locator by Cellarbrations is invaluable. Join him on his adventure to find amazing wines on Twitter.

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