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10 Essential Tips For Business Travelers Visiting Singapore

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It’s a dream come true for many business travelers to finally set foot in Singapore. The city-state is an economic powerhouse and a business hub for Southeast Asia. Singapore is known for its massive economic influence on the world’s biggest industries. It’s no wonder that it’s called “The Lion City.”

Singapore is a pivot for international corporate meetings. But for those visiting the wealthy island city-state for the first time, it can be hard for them to make the most out of their trips to the region.

With so many nationalities flying into the country to search for business opportunities, Singapore has become a multicultural nation. If you are looking forward to traveling to Singapore, here are 10 essential business tips to keep at the back of your mind.

Get the Right Business Visa

If you are a businessman or investor moving to Singapore for the first time, you will need to have the Entrepreneur Pass (aka Entrepass). It’s the most suitable visa for Singapore’s business travelers. Are you looking for information on how to easily acquire your Entrepass, and fly to Singapore, why not find out more?

Stay Connected 24/7


You don’t want to be offline when you are in Singapore. Stay connected everywhere you go. Singapore is undoubtedly the heart of the world’s biggest businesses. With a wealthy economy that is resistant to recession, life in Singapore can never get boring if you stay connected. Many telecom networks offer roaming services for business travelers to Singapore.

There are emergency telephone booths in Singapore

For visitors who want to stay in the country for longer periods, they may want to buy local sim cards to stay connected with their friends and family and business partners. Local sim cards are cheaper, and by registering with a valid passport, you can acquire one with ease. High-speed public internet is everywhere, and there are emergency telephone booths for you to use when necessary.

Use MetroResidences for Business Travelers

Regular accommodation facilities in Singapore can be expensive. But if you are a smart business owner, you can save some money by patronizing MetroResidences. This is an affordable accommodation service for Singapore business travelers. Get access to fully furnished apartments and have a great time staying in Singapore while conducting your business.

The MetroResidences housing platform has been around for quite a long time and many business travelers are thankful for such an affordable accommodation opportunity. If you use MetroResidences, you can cut down your accommodation costs by up to 40% compared to traditional hotels.

Get Your Business Cards Ready

Singapore is a good place for business. Therefore, if you are visiting this beautiful country for business reasons, carry more business cards with you. Also, always gratefully business cards when they are offered to you in Singapore.

Receive documents with both hands

The Singaporean business ecosystem is such that business cards are seen as important documents.  As a way of showing respect, you are advised to receive business cards with both hands when they are given to you. This courtesy draws its roots from Chinese culture.

Have entertainment

There is a time for business, and there is time to have fun. Singapore is also famous for being an exciting destination for pleasure seekers. You can have all the fun you want after corporate lunches. But make sure you don’t smoke in public. Smoking is prohibited in many places in Singapore. So, always check before you light up.

Don’t walk for too long: Use Public Transport

Because the country is situated close to the equator, excessive sunshine can ruin your good looks in Singapore if you try to walk any distance. Hot weather will drench you in sweat and ruin your sharp look. Take an Uber instead if you are going to walk for more than 10 minutes.

 Get a 100 GB Sim Card

Singapore has public Wi-Fi in many places such as hotels and restaurants. However, these can be slow when many people connect to it. It’s advisable to buy a 100 GB Sim card right at the airport. Stream Netflix non-stop for just $50 or so.

Check out conference rooms in Marina Bay Sands

When it’s time for business, and you need a nice conference room, look no further than Marina Bay Sands (MBS). At the Sweet Spot Cafe, you can enjoy coffee and sandwiches as well.

In summary, your business trip to Singapore will go smoothly if you follow the above business travel tips.

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