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What Are The New Traveling Norms?

new travel norms

Almost everyone had something planned for this new decade. Some people wanted to start a new business venture, while others thought of discovering the world.

However, 2020 surprised us with the global crisis, locking everyone inside their homes. It has put a pause on everything, making people wonder when things will get back to normal.

With months of surviving through the lockdown, epidemiologists believe the virus is not going anytime soon. Thus, people have to learn to live with it.

As a result, the world health organization (WHO) is handing out standard operating procedures (SOPs) for every sector to resume normalcy. Hence, you can also continue with your travel plans by familiarizing yourself with traveling and safety protocols.

Hotels around the world are prepping to open its door for guests in this tough time. They are making every possible effort to keep guests safe by practicing hygiene and taking extra safety precautions.

Before you start making plans, understand the new traveling norms. If you are clueless about it, have a look at these travel tips below.

1. Thoroughly Plan for the Trip

Traveling is never easy, and the current crisis is making people follow additional safety protocols. Therefore, think carefully about your travel routes, destination, and outspread of the virus in that region.

Similarly, look for alternatives to public transport because it is a big ‘NO’ in this time. As far as your luggage is concerned, try to keep it minimal to avoid lengthy disinfection procedures.

Moreover, don’t forget to search for hotels that are taking safety precautions and following all the SOPs. It is essential to ensure you are staying in a safe place, closing doors for safety concerns.

Many hotels like are keeping up with SOPs to ensure a safe place for guests. You can do little homework and learn more about safety sanctions.

2. Safety Gear

When a virus is outspreading rapidly, raising concerns about protection from the disease. Health experts recommend covering faces through masks, but people are not showing any social responsibility.

Whenever you are traveling, we suggest that you should wear a three-layer non-medical look covering all the time. It reduces the transmission of disease from one person to another.

You can either make these facemasks at home or buy some from nearby grocery stores. Unfortunately, your job doesn’t end after wearing a mask – you have to dispose of properly. Make sure you are not touching the front part; you have to take it off from the strands and throw it in the bin. Also, if you have a habit of consistently touching your face or hair, wear gloves.

You will come across boarding counters, elevators, door handles, and with your hands protected, the chances of contracting the virus are minimal. In some countries, the need for protective gear has become a compulsion, and you might get penalized for not adhering to the instructions.

3. Maintain a Social Distance

Do you think covering your face is enough? Don’t let these minor precautions give you a false sense of security because travel norms are not limited to wearing a mask. Thus, it should not be an excuse for ignoring physical distancing measures. Surprisingly, maintaining a physical distance is an equally valid measure to secure yourself against the virus.

Furthermore, these protocols are not only for travelers but for hotels and resorts too. If they wish to accommodate guests, then they have to propose a setting that maintains social distance. They might have to keep their recreational activities closed and train their staff on how to cater to guests without maintaining direct contact.

For instance, eliminate menu cards and send the menu virtually to guests. Similarly, restrict elevator access by letting one family at a time. Honestly, if precautions are followed rigorously from both sides, we can eliminate the threat of virus in no time.

4. Disinfection and Hygiene

The point at which the virus is contracted has not been identified yet. This means you have to protect yourself against every external contact by disinfecting everything.

You will have to carry a disinfectant spray and use it on everything you are getting from the third person. For instance, you will be handed a boarding pass with some tags, spray it with a disinfectant, and then put it inside your bag.

Similarly, when buying something, try giving change or disinfect the money you get. For your luggage, don’t even think of touching it before disinfecting, wear gloves to carry it to your hotel, disinfect it, and then start digging into it. Indeed, it sounds overwhelming, but this is the only way to remove the threat of the virus.

5. Adjusting Refund and Cancellation Policies

The traveling norms are not only changing for tourists but the entire tourism industry. Hotels and resorts have to take all the necessary measures to avoid any risky concerns.

Similarly, they have to adjust their policies to ensure customer satisfaction. With increasing bookings after the lockdown, they will be witnessing increasing cancellations too.

Thus, the WHO recommends them to overlook its non-refundable booking policies. They can offer future vouchers for their services to the guests, or they can deduct a small cancellation fee and refund the rest of the money.

Many hotels are attracting customers with such compelling offers to make traveling easy for them.

6. Cycling and Walking

Since public transport is not an option in this time, you can grab a couple of cycles and explore the new place on two wheels.

It is not only good for the environment, eliminating noise and air pollution, but keeps you far away from the threat of catching the virus. It is the best way to practice social distancing without putting pressure on public transport.

However, when waiting at traffic signals or passing by cyclists or pedestrians – maintain a distance. If you are not comfortable cycling, hire a private vehicle but disinfect it properly. Keep the windows open to let the air pass and don’t sit close to each other.

Wrapping Up

Many people are stressing while thinking about the future. Remember, nothing is forever, and this time shall be over soon. After a few months or a year, we will head back to normalcy while bidding farewell to face coverings.

For the time being, stick to these protocols and follow new travel norms because this is the only way to can make your way to the future. Plan a trip to spare yourself enough time to take safety measures.

Photo by shamans72/pixabay

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