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Why So Many Digital Nomads Come to Thailand

phuket thailand

Thailand has always been a firm favourite holiday destination and with over 30 million foreign visitors in 2018, it is easy to understand why this amazing country is such a popular tourist destination.

Yet it isn’t just tourists that flock to the Land of Smiles; digital nomads rank Thailand as one of the best destinations and there are many reasons for this, which we outline in this short article.

Low Cost of Living

When compared to western countries, Thailand offers cheap living and a very high standard, with luxury condos and pool villas at very low rentals, while food and transport are super-affordable.

If you are fed up with the high cost of living in your home country, there are Novotel Phuket Resort meeting rooms where you can conduct your business. Thailand is not a backward country, far from it; the infrastructure is on a par with developed countries.

High Speed Internet

This is an essential requirement for a digital nomad and you won’t find better web connectivity anywhere in the world.

There are a few ISPs including True, DTAC and AIS and they are all very competitive price-wise; you can enjoy unlimited data with a hi-speed SIM that you can hotspot to your laptop. Most condo developments have free Wi-Fi for residents, which is amazing!

Great Weather

What’s not to like about a tropical climate? If you have had it with European winters, relocate to sunny Thailand, where temperatures rarely drop below 18C.

April and May are the hottest months of the year and this is the time when many digital nomads fly back to Europe to enjoy summer at home, then in September, they return to the tropical climate in Thailand.

Whether you stay year-round or for 6 months, Thailand has much to offer the visitor and you can live by the beach and do your work as necessary.

Cheap Luxury Accommodation

Whether you rent a condo in Bangkok or a pool villa in Phuket, you won’t be complaining about the cost, especially in the low season, when rental prices are slightly lower.

There is accommodation to suit every budget, start by booking a Phuket hotel and take your time viewing apartments or villas until you find something suitable.

Great Food

Thai food is rated as world-class and living in Thailand means you can enjoy a diverse cuisine, with coconut cream curries to die for, grilled pork and chicken with sticky rice, not to mention the fabulous papaya salad, which Thailand is famous for.

Of course, you can enjoy western food now and then and sample the many succulent fruits available in this unique country.

These are just a few of the reasons why digital nomads love Thailand; check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand for further information. If you work online, there’s nothing to stop you relocating to the tropical paradise that we call the Land of Smiles.

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