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Planning a Budget Outing? Try Camping! Here Are 4 Reasons to Convince You

Motorcycle Camping

Are you planning your next trip on a limited budget? Why don’t you try camping? You’ll have to spend an amount a few hundred dollars less than what you will expect to spend on a trip to a famous tourist spot.

It can be more fun and stress free compared to roaming on a big city, spending a chunk of your savings while worrying about next month’s expenses. Plus, you can do a lot of activities while learning at the same time.


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Camping is one of the many activities that can accommodate everyone in the family’s interest. You can do many things such as hiking, swimming, and bug-catching. If there are kids on the trip, you can always try out the old camp fire story-telling, complete with s’mores and games.

If that is still not enough, read on and you might just change your mind:

1. It brings out the essence of “childhood”.

In more ways than one, camping symbolizes something about our childhood, the times when we don’t have to think of any responsibilities and simply enjoy being together as a family while watching the fireflies, cooking our meals, and exchanging memorable stories over a campfire. We can do a lot of activities, worrying only of how to get the maximum amount of enjoyment without having to think of other factors.


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Everyone in the family can do their thing, each off into their own desires and interest, while being together at the same time. It is the perfect moment to reminisce good things as well as lessons brought about by less cheerful things.

Introducing your kids to such joys you experienced when you were young will definitely let them get to know you better as well as give you a chance to teach them what you have learned earlier in life.

2. It costs relatively lesser than other vacations.

What’s more amazing is that, when you camp, you only ever get to spend money once and never do once again. You simply have to have the right materials and buy the necessary ingredients and you’re all set for a few days.


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Camping does not necessarily mean that there’ll be zero cost, but it will be relatively lesser and more affordable than going on a popular tourist spot in the city.

Once you’ve bought sturdy tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and other things, you can use them for life, saving you from paying rent every day on an expensive yet plush hotel. You can save up your money while being free to do what you want at all times, without curfews and hotel rules to bind you from having the time of your life.

3. It can be done in different ways and at different times.

Aside from using a tent, you can camp any way you choose at any place you may prefer to. You can choose from camping on a tent, an RV, or a motorcycle (also known as motorcycle camping).

Motorcycle Camping

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Moreover, you have the liberty to decide when camping will start. Will it be morning or evening? You can choose either, and there would be no objections. If it’s a full moon, then why not go for a bit of moonlight hiking while going for camp, as well.

Either way, it is at your own liberty and desire what you do and how you do it. There are no rules to follow but that of nature alone.

4. It brings you closer to nature.

Lastly, camping is a way for you to connect with nature, which is the healthy therapy each and every one of us needs.

Closer to Nature

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Get a short break from work and reorient yourself with your mind and your surroundings by resting and having the time of your lives. There’s nothing better than clearing your mind from all stress by just giving yourself time to get to know nature and everything God offers.

You might not know how something like this can help you, but once you experience that momentary feeling of peace, you’ll surely appreciate your mind and body’s state of relaxation after a month’s worth of stress, stress, and more stress.

Camping is not so bad and shabby if you’re looking for adventure, enjoyment, and a vacation that will not cost a year’s worth of salary. After all, what’s more stressing than neglecting yourself simply to satisfy your material and earthly desires, which in the end will be of no use to you?

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