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5 Top Honeymoon Destinations To Embark On A Joyful Married Life

honeymoon destination in Greece

If marriages are made in Heaven, honeymoon lends a slice of that heavenly abode. It is utterly important to plan out a perfect honeymoon for an ice breaking session of the newlyweds.

The primary goal of an ideal honeymoon plan is to select an apt honeymoon destination that syncs with the choice of both the partners. The stay is expected to ensure some gala time for the newlyweds who have embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

So here we go putting some light on how you can spend your honeymoon with delight, enjoyment and blossom your romance.

Let’s check out some of the top honeymoon destinations around the world that will make memories sweeter and dearer for the married souls.

Embark on a joyful married life by visiting any of these World’s Top Honeymoon Destinations

#1. Costa Rica

Exuberance, beauty, romance, passion, all clubbed in one package is what Costa Rica stands for. This is Costa Rica at its best for the lovers. The best from the Pacific and the Caribbean is served to the guests, wishing them tons of splendid memories.

The rain forests are the assets of the place, which are preserved adequately in botanical gardens and natural reserves. The newlyweds can grab the chance of lodging in resorts set up amidst the tropical forests.

Not only does nature throws open her arms to welcome the guests, but so do the local inhabitants who steal hearts by their hospitality, excellent aroma and taste of their brewed coffee. The beach moments and resort stays coupled with spa treatment will supersede all your aspirations for sure.

So couples who expect to spend quality time in soothing surroundings and locations that are sure to boost romance, then Costa Rica can be the best place for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Costa Rica beach

#2. Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the most scintillating hot spots for the honeymooners. From superlative spa experience and luxurious resort stays, Dubai offers exhilarating activities.

Desert Safari in Dubai and Cruise dinner in Dubai are both worth a mention apart from many other such world class activities that command applauds.

Dubai has a mystic blend of the beaches and the deserts that glide you to a perfect honeymoon. Your days would be wrapped in thrill with the variety of activities during the safari.

And you can beautify your evenings for your better half by taking her on a dhow cruise ride and gulping in some authentic local delicacy beneath the star laden skies; as the boat gently sways on the serene waters.

And if you want engage in a shopping spree for your loved one, the Dubai malls are places that don’t have any comparison across the globe. Moreover, viewing the extensive and panoramic skyline of this city can also set pace for your honeymoon.

dubai honeymoon destination

#3. Greece

For that lasting sensation of beauty and satisfaction, you ought to pick Greece as your ultimate honeymoon destination. Your honeymoon trip is sure to be impeccable when you go to Greece with your better half by your side.

The land of great epics and lyres, here you can weave your own love saga on this primitive land of early civilizations. Greece seems to be totally tailored to serve as the top choice for great photography locale.

A land that saw the dawn of several civilizations and dynasties, the land of the Gods, today it offers to you a whole new spectrum of creating your own prized moments with your soul mate.

And this isn’t all. This old land now offers the best of this age too, ensuring lots of adventure and pompous nightlife.

The blue water surrounded by clean and clear beaches that are laden alongside with a flurry of white colored houses make for a breathtaking sight here. The very pleasure of being at a place that glorifies romance is relaxing and will definitely accentuate your love.

honeymoon destination in Greece

#4. Italy

Haven of romance, well it is indeed Italy. Seduction, fantasy, beauty, and charm make Italy a lover’s point. Milan, Venice, Rome are ardently famous and need no special introduction what so ever.

The perfect locale for cinema is a top choice for the naive and young couples who tend to see nothing beyond love and togetherness.

All that was secret admiration all this while is now sweet reality. After all, basking in love and glee is the ultimate aim of honeymoon mongers. And Italy fulfills all of it to perfection.

Lakes, gondolas, vineyards, churches, coasts, and castles, seamlessly offer you tranquility and amusement. The leisurely stays at the villas and resorts on the beaches seem too perfect to be true.

Well, pinch yourself and know that you are among those fortunate few who bagged a chance to live heaven in the company of your lover! And don’t forget to relish pizza and pasta; both of which have originated from this romantic land.

Vittorio Emanuele Monument - Rome Italy

Vittorio Emanuele Monument – Rome Italy

#5. Maldives

For the Nature lovers who all this while have secretly dreamed of slipping into nature’s lap, can now live that long cherished dream. This land guarantees optimum bliss for the love birds who would tread the path of life together.

Nature conquers all, even the hearts of two souls knotted together. Each island in Maldives is unique, and the specialty of each of them will extend a different experience to the honeymooners.

The resort stays are superb and the spa treatment in Maldives is globally acknowledged. The natural bounty of the place is sure to baffle every onlooker. The romantic encounter of the couples with Nature is sure to ignite merry times for them.

Maldives beach honeymoon

Mother Nature is empowering. On this note it must be said that staying close to Nature automatically instills a feeling of romance and admiration. Therefore, choosing a beautiful destination for one of the most beautiful vacations of a lifetime is more than mere formality. The places enlisted above, all set the perfect backdrop for a fun filled, romantic encounter for the couples.

So for those wishing to embark on a honeymoon trip as newlyweds, or those who expect to re-ignite their romance with a second honeymoon, the above mentioned destinations are worth giving a try.

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