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10 Best Places to Go For Celebrating Your 21st Birthday

Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, New York

21st Birthday celebration ideasHappy 21st Birthday! Congratulation, you’ve made it! You are now entering the adulthood. What does this mean for you? For some, it means more responsibility. For others, it might just mean that you need more real travel and adventure in your life.

One of the unique ways to celebrate your 21st birthday is to travel to a place that you haven’t been before. If you want to spend one of the most memorable natal days of your life, then you better find a place to stay where beautiful sceneries await you and perhaps your loved ones.

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Below are 10 of the best vacation spots you can opt when you are turning 21. These places are situated in different countries all over the world.

#1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island street

This is the place you may want to live in for a while if you want to escape from the daily hassles and pressures of a city life, because, surprise! You won’t see any vehicles roaming around here. They do not allow cars and any other vehicles because of their local ordinance. Located in Lake Huron at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, just between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, what awaits and embraces you is pure nature.

What you can also expect to enjoy are lovely vistas, enjoyable carriage rides, and stress-relieving shopping activities. Basically, you will find yourself living in a Victorian village. If you have watched the motion picture “Somewhere in Time”, then this place will remind you of it because the cast of the said film once done a shoot here. So despite the limited transportation, it’s still very much worth it. The classic feels are priceless!

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#2. Yorkshire, England

yorkshire england castle

Europe is one of the most interesting and should we say, must-visit continents of the world. Every country offers something different and that includes England. One of England’s pride when it comes to vacation places is the magnificent Yorkshire. This place is everything! From delicious foods and drinks to beautiful hotels and lovely sceneries—what more can you ask for?

It was in the year 2014 when this place was named “one of the top global places’ by Lonely Planet. The thing about Yorkshire is that it boasts such a scenic view with its rugged moorlands, beautiful heritage homes, and pubs that will make you feel relaxed.

This is one of the best bets for vacation spots if you are more into the modest side with a touch of sophisticated city life. You can pretty much do everything if you visit Yorkshire, such as the 13th Century York Minister Cathedral which is one of the Top 10 “global sights to make you feel small”.

If you decide to spend your birthday in Yorkshire, a highly recommended place for you to stay is the Swinton Park. It’s a charming hotel that is situated in 200-acre lake field grounds that invites the visitors to step back in time to experience a bygone era. You can even take your family members and stay here while enjoying the beauty of Yorkshire.

#3. Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, Georgia

If you live in Georgia, one of the good ideas to spend your birthday weekend is in the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This place offers magical vibes especially at night because of its colorful fountain of rings that won’t do anything but stun you in all levels. The fountain also displays jaw-dropping display of performance which makes the park an overall in-demand recreation in Atlanta both from local and international tourists. It’s really a good decision for the city to make some improvements and renovations in this tourist spot because nowadays, people are already booking their flights just to witness the beauty that it provides.

#4. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California

Alcatraz island San Francisco

If you love some a different take on “beach vacation” somewhere around the US, this vacation spot is for you. Located in San Francisco Bay, this small island also exudes a historical air. It is, in fact, a military prison in the year 1868. What you can expect to see here are preserved remnants from the prison and many other things that will pique your interest. It’s like visiting a museum but in a cool setting, and with lots and lots of things to see. You can pretty much do a tour here with your family and friends and find yourselves enjoying the incredible things that it offers. Before going to this island, be sure to book a ticket in advance because apparently, this is a pretty much popular destination among the tourists. You don’t want to be left out, right?

Vacation packages also include island tour visit tickets for a return visit and this tour package is run by the National Park Service concessionaire Alcatraz Cruises. Now, the interesting thing about going for this tour is that it is available in different languages aside from English, therefore, if you don’t speak English, you will still comprehend everything that the tour says. The tour, by the way, lasts for about an hour.

While you’re in California, check these places too!

#5. Navy Pier, Chicago

Navy Pier Chicago place to visit for 21st birthdayRelaxing and stress-relieving, this place has gathered an enormous amount of attention from the vacationers from all over the US and other international areas. It was originally built for amusement area and a shipping facility way back in the year 1916 but through the years, the ambiance changed bit by bit and nowadays, you can already see lots of people having a good time here.

These days, you can enjoy 50 acres of gardens, restaurants, shops, parks, beautiful attractions, and concert venues which are pretty much everything you need if you need a place that you can celebrate your 21st birthday. In addition, you will find it a perfect place if you have some penchant for a historic carousel. Movie fanatics will also enjoy a 3D Imax Theater and even witness actors perform classics at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Crystal Gardens is also one of its main attractions. It’s a one-acre, six-story indoor botanical garden that will absolutely wow you. This attraction is even more stunning at night because of the live palm trees, lush foliage, hanging twinkle lights, and dancing leapfrog fountains. Other interesting spots in Navy Pier include Children’s Museum which is a delight when visited.

The Pier is basically famous for its year-round festivities such as the Chicago Festival that is set in August. What even makes it amazing is that there are cruise ships that leave from here that provide sightseeing activities for the tourists. This is definitely a place you don’t want to miss out when visiting Chicago.

#6. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan Philippines

If you are more into tropical vibes, then visit the Philippines and do not miss the province of Palawan where beautiful island destinations await you. Palawan is known all over the world for its magnificent, unspoiled beaches that you can really label as “true paradise.” Superb diving activities, endless white sandy beaches, and jaw-dropping limestone cliffs, an adventurer spirit in you will truly enjoy this vacation spot.

El Nido, Barracuda Lake, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, Tubbataha Reef, Kayangan Lake, Honda Bay, Nacpan-Calintang Twin Beaches are just some of the spots that will thrill you and these places are really known for their all-natural beauty.

What’s great about visiting this province is that you can make lots of memories together with your loved ones while you are turning 21. The photogenic views and the locals’ hospitality are the main reasons why you shouldn’t miss these places.

#7. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a popular destination in the US ever since forever. It’s because it provides many types of recreations. This time, let us introduce you to the wonderful Walt Disney World. For about years now, this place is considered a real wonderland that is perfect for everyone. The highlights when touring in this place include Epcot Theme Park, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and MGM studios. For adult crowds, there is an additional attraction known as the Downtown Disney. There are also establishments to cater your shopping needs and even music venues, restaurants, and theaters.

What’s great about these settings is that they have a vibrant and friendly ambiance that will make you feel really happy. Not to mention magical which makes you feel as though you are in a fictional fantasy world. When you decide to go to Walt Disney with your family, you can avail tickets for Theme Park, Water Park, special events, and annual passes. In Water Park, you will experience Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. And if you are planning to stay in this beautiful amusement spot for several days, you can choose to stay at hotels including Deluxe Villas, Deluxe Resort Hotels, and many others.

#8. Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida

There is something so special about Florida and its gorgeous cities. It’s simply an absolute summer destination. Miami is one of Florida’s greatest pride when it comes to summer vacation getaways, so you should consider putting this on your bucket list if you are in for so much fun on your birthday. With Miami’s Bayfront Park which is just among the many things you will see in the city, you can definitely make some awesome memories with your friends and family.

This park which is located on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard showcases a mesmerizing city view. It provides almost everything including musical performances from the amphitheater. In the 1980s, this park was redesigned and was completely improved. Nowadays, people are scrambling out of their homes just to spend some relaxing time here and witness performances such as tower for laser illuminations. Other things to expect are the three important monuments like the Torch of Friendship which symbolizes Miami’s connections to other countries of Central and South America, the World War II Memorial, and the Challenger Memorial.

#9. British Museum, London

The UK also boasts a lot of tourist places including London’s British Museum which is all kinds of interesting. It was founded in the year 1973 and all throughout the years ever since, it has been gathering thousands and even millions of vacationers all over the world because of its notable collections.

What you can basically discover in this vacation spot are treasures of world cultures that are centered on the magnificent Great Court. Some features include Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, Parthenon sculptures, and several others. You’ll be surprised at the state of the art sophistication you will find out when you visit this extravagant place. How you can gain knowledge from the recent and ancient history from various exhibits of the locals will also make our birthday a lot more memorable.

Now, what’s great when you visit this place is the opportunity to witness all the displays for free! Yes, you don’t have to pay for the tickets as they all come out for free. You can also spend a lot of time here as it is open every day for about 7 hours. Plus, you can spend it with other people if you want as you can participate in a group tour for about an hour or two.

#10. Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, New York

Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, New York

Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, New York | Image Credit: Geoffrey Williams

If you want to be a little more adventurous on your 21st birthday, then this place is made for you. It’s one of New York’s hidden gems out of the numerous weekend destinations that it has. What awaits you if you opt this place are captivating views that you can enjoy from its summit steps. Famous for skiing and snowboarding activities in winter, Whiteface offers a lot of surprises to everyone. Don’t you know that it is the fifth-highest mountain in New York? And because of that, you will sure be in for a challenge. Can you make it to the summit so you can savor the breathtaking view below? You sure will! The great thing about this place is that you can always go to the top thanks to the help of a smooth road where you can walk for about 3 hours until you reach the spot that gives you the enchanting view.

Adding to its appeal is the fact that it sits in the middle of a wild forest, so yes, the all-nature bounty will truly make your vacation an enjoyable one. The rentals are a bit expensive, though, but who cares? It’s a place that is worth the price.

21st Birthday Vacation Packages

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